Forelle & Worth

Since the mid and late 90s, Forelle & Worth maintain a strong partnership. From the moment that we started selling Worth, we became official supplier & exclusive dealer in Europe. Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your favourite Worth baseball and softball equipment. Worth sells for example bats, pitcher helmets, gloves, clothing, batting gloves, bags and balls. Curious about what Worth is all about? Keep on reading!


This family-owned baseball and softball equipment company was founded by George Sharp Lannom Jr. in Tullahoma in 1912 as Lannom Manufacturing Company. It began as a producer of leather horse collars and harnesses. Recognizing the decline of animal-powered farming, Lannom developed a sporting goods line in order to utilize his tannery. He started with leather footballs in 1921 and added helmets, basketballs, and then baseballs and later softballs. Naming the line “Worth,” Lannom created the slogan “Another Name for Value” and masterminded the company’s growth for the next thirty years.



Worth’s bats are available in many different colours and weights. There handles offers unmatched whip and feel promoting faster swing speeds and more pop. The endload is perfect for players looking for a more endloaded feel for a smooth, powerful swing. The barrel is 100% carbon fiber, as a result, it provides a lightweight feel and is ultra-durable and offers greater performance.  Its balanced feel offers maximized swing speed and control so you can drive more balls to the gap.


All Worth softballs are blue of red stitched. Blue is for playing in the USSSA and red is for playing in the ASA. They also are hot, green or green dot. Hot dots are designed to give players consistent hit distance at all temperatures, especially true in hot weather conditions. Green and gold dots feature a 3-piece technology that has an inner layer that gives this softball consistent spin and durability.



Worth’s gloves are designed for the slowpitch player. Featuring a Pro H pattern gives increased stability and glove control while allowing the player to look through the webbing to shield their eyes from the sun and lights on those high pop files. The tanning rawhide leather laces creates a powerhouse glove combination, ensuring the Legit™ glove will be a gamer for multiple seasons.