Forelle & Evoshield

Since 2017, when we started selling Evoshield and became Official Supplier, Forelle and Evoshield maintain a strong partnership. As Official Supplier, Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your new Evoshield equipment. Curious about what Evoshield is all about? Keep on reading!

About EvoShield

Founded in 2006 by former University of Georgia athletes, EvoShield has revolutionized the world of protective apparel. Unlike "one-size-fits-all" sports gear that is made of stiff plastics and bulky foams, EvoShields's patented custom molding protective gear raises the bar. Simply remove the Shield from the foil bag to air activate the custom-molding process. The Gel-to-Shell Technology transforms the soft gel pad into a protective Shield in minutes. EvoShield offers protective apparel for baseball, football, softball, soccer, hockey and lacrosse. 

The EvoShield mission is to keep athletes in the game through its revolutionary Gel-to-Shell™ technology. This technology features a proprietary substance that turns a gel into a hardened material, allowing players to custom fit their protective wrist guards, elbow guards, as well as rib and heart protectors. Athletes no longer need to contend with bulky and restrictive foam or plastic padding as EvoShield offers them slim, form-fitting, breathable shields to enable freer athletic movement while maintaining stronger safety.