Forelle & Easton

Since the early '90s, Forelle and Easton maintain a strong partnership. From the moment we started selling Easton and became Official Supplier. A few years later Forelle became an exclusive authorized dealer in Europe. Forelle was and still is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your new Easton equipment such as baseball bats, softball bats, helmets, backpacks, wheeled bags and (batting) gloves. Curious what Easton is all about? Keep on reading!

About Easton

Easton is all about growing the games of baseball and softball. They innovate their products in ways that they can provide advantages to all types of players from all levels to reach their full potential as an individual and as a team. They also attach a lot of value to the communities that are located in California, such as the SGT, Ron Helus Awards and the Red Cross CA Wildfire Relief.

Rawlings has entered an agreement about the take over of Easton a few years back. They wanted to start a new company together to bring every player the best in baseball and softball. With this partnership, they are sharing their knowledge, resources and drive innovation to raise the future performance levels in product innovation, service and technology to bring out the best products on the market.


Batting gloves

Easton’s batting gloves are specially designed to give athletes more performance at the plate. The palm of the gloves is made of a durable one-piece, smooth goatskin leather. And the back of the glove is made of a breathable diamond mesh and a durable, smooth microfiber for the perfect balance of flex and support. They are designed with a ‘’modern classic’’ look, the retro elastic cuff features a Bio-Dri liner to absorb moisture and maximize comfort. Some of Easton’s batting gloves have pad reduced vibration and blisters.

Furthermore, these batting gloves are available for women, adults and youth. Also available in different sizes and colors at Forelle.


The premium bats from Easton are the best baseball bats available. They come in different colours, sizes and you even got some limited-edition designs. You can choose different designs like a lighter inner barrel, a stronger outer barrel, a lighter barrel etc. With different technologies, some of Easton’s bats deliver zero vibration, more leverage, power potential, improving comfort, composite design and more. It doesn’t matter if you want a fast pitch or slow pitch bat, Easton has got it all!



Gloves need to be very comfortable and the durability needs to be high. With the gloves from Easton, these aspects are definitely present. These professional built gloves are also worn by a lot of professional baseball players. Mostly, these gloves are handcrafted with leather for added comfort and feel. The quantum closure system is fully adjustable for a tighter, more secure fit and optimal control.

Easton also provides professional collection signature series in collaboration with pro players. Each model has several unique position-specific features and is designed to match the style, flare and passion these athletes bring to the game of softball everyday. Want to have a look? Check out the link below.



The helmets from Easton have a new multi-density protection technology and dual-density absorption foam. This means extra comfort for the players and more high impact resistant. The wrapped ear pads add also more durability and comfort. The helmet is designed to get reduced impact points. You can even team customize your helmet by removing the sticker on the forehead.

The Easton universal SB mask provides excellent protection against softballs. These masks fit in different helmets. You also have more vision. This allows players to better focus and play.


At Forelle, you can choose from a wide range of different bags. Wheeled bags, backpacks, player bags, ball bags and even coach buckets. These bags help you to carry your gear everywhere and can keep your things organized at the field. The external helmet holder provides more space for equipment or team embroidery inside the bag. Are you playing baseball or softball? That doesn’t matter because these bags are usable for both.