Forelle & Markwort

Since the mid and late 90s, Forelle & Markwort maintain a strong partnership. From the moment that we started selling Markwort, we became official supplier & exclusive dealer in Europe. Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your favourite Markwort baseball, softball and American Football equipment. Markwort sells for example, balls, clothing and apparel, field equipment, protective gear and training/umpire equipment accessories. Curious about what Markwort is all about? Keep on reading!

About Markwort

Markwort Sporting Goods is a third-generation family business located in St. Louis, Missouri that sells sports equipment to retailers and distributors throughout the United States and internationally to approximately 50 nations on six continents.  Over the decades Markwort's catalog has offered, at one time or another, just about everything imaginable within the sporting goods trade; Camping & Outdoor, Hunting & American Firearms, Fishing, Lawn Darts - ah, those were the days - and many more were all once featured categories.  Markwort's current evolution is in team sports, manufacturing its own brands of general equipment, training aids, and protective gear in addition to distributing name brands in Baseball & Softball, American Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and other athletic and recreational fields.  The employees of Markwort take pride in providing the best service possible to all its customers whether they be the independent sporting goods dealer, larger retailer, or inquiring consumer. Centrally located with one well stocked warehouse allows Markwort to provide access to sporting goods and quick order turnaround without the large expense of opening direct accounts with multiple vendors...



The Markwort footballs are available in a blue/yellow colour and in a brown/white colour. These are all rubber with reinforced nylon simulated laces. Markwort sells also other football brands, like Rawlings, Saturnian and Willson.


Markwort baseballs are available different colours, sizes and leathers. All balls have a leather cover, filled with cork/rubber and finished with a polyester winding. And scarlet stitched seams. Markwort sells also other baseball brands, like Baden, Diamond, Kenko, Rawlings, Spalding and Wilson.   


Markwort sells a lot of different accessories for a lot different sports. For example they sell field equipment, Tuff toe’s, training balls, gloves maintenance, caps & hats, cap keeps, instruction boards, ball holders, glove lockers, kicking tees and leather glove laces.

American football

Markwort offers different kind of instruction boards. You have choice between a football field, a single stage and a triple stage. As a trainer, you can instruct your players before a game on how you want to play. There is a marker included and it’s easy to wipe clean.

If you don’t like instruction boards, you can choose a gridirons wristband which allows you to communicate information to your players under a game.

Balls are not always that hard as you want. With the squeeze ball pump you can easily add a little weight to your ball. It’s easy to take with you on the field. There are also ballspike inflation needles available in different colours.

Baseball & softball

Markwort offers tuff toes give the pitcher some shoe protection. It’s easy appliable and it only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, there are pivot’s available which helps you improve batting averages.

C-flaps are also available and give protection to your check and jaw. It prevents the left or right handed batter from serious injuries.

A glove wrap is a Markwort item which isolates the leather glove. It doesn’t matter which glove you have, one size fits all. You can chose between a glove wrap or a glove locker kit. The locker kit is the complete glove break-in and maintenance kit. The ball is secured within the inner pocket.

Last but not least, the mushroom style plug and the knobcuff EZ taper. The mushroom style plug is made of rubber. For superior grip, comfort, less stress on palms and fingers and better bat control you need to buy a knobcuff EZ taper. These are available in different colours.