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The first American football shoulder pads were made of leather and wool and created by Princeton student L.P. Smock. These shoulder pads were created in 1877 and were very light and thin. Many players were killed because the lack of good protection. President Theodore Roosevelt took the initiative to make the sport more safe. Pop Warner was the first person who obligated his team to wear shoulders pads. This was at the time that Pop Warner was coaching at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. His team was wearing the first American football pads that were made of fiber. The problem was that a lot football players didn’t were shoulder pads until the 1950s, 1960. Then there came newer technology that allowed companies to produce shoulder pads made of foam with an outer from hard plastic. This improved the protection from the shoulder pads. The only problem that was left, was that the shoulder pads did not have much ventilation. This issue was fixed in the 1990s. They added some synthetic fibers to the shoulder pads. This makes the shoulder pads more breathable.

Shoulder pads have also been a fashion statement. At some point people were wearing bigger American football pads so that they could intimidate the opponent. Nowadays shoulder pads have been slimmed down to increase mobility. The pads have to fit perfect to increase the performance and mobility of the players.

Shoulder pads have various styles because every position has different needs. A quarterback needs more freedom of movement, so he has pads that are lightweight. A player can also choose between vinyl buckles or elastic straps.

User moments

You can use the shoulder pads at different moments. You can use the same shoulder pad for training and games. Shoulder pads can help you at any time. It will help to protect your body from getting damage by accidents around you. Make you wear when you think you can get hurt. As example you can wear your shoulder pad while you are mountain biking as protection for your upper body. It is also useful when you go motor crossing because it decreases impact on your body when you fall or crash. You can use the shoulder pads in the winter and summer. This makes it easy for the person who has to wear so that he/she doesn’t have to buy an extra one for different conditions.


We have a wide range of brand for our American football shoulder pads. We have the best shoulder pads brands in stock. We have professional shoulder pads for different positions so we can offer everyone something to their needs. For the lineman we have a nice shoulder pad from Riddell that gives the lineman the strength and stability to block the opponent. These shoulder pads have more pads and give the player more stability. For the receiver we have a shoulder pad that is lighter and allows the player to run faster and more flexible while catching the ball. We also have different shoulder pad accessories from shock doctor. These will stimulate your performance while playing.


The shoulder pads that we have in our range have different specifications. These specifications are based on the different positions that are on the field. The differences are in the weight and the amount of protection the shoulder pads have. Shoulder can be light and less padded so that the receivers who are wearing them can run faster and have more mobility to catch the ball. You also have shoulder pads what have more padding and are heavier. These shoulders pad are good for the linebackers who are defending against the opponents. Because of the extra padding they can block the opponents better and are protected better against tackles. Except that you can use the American football shoulder pads for multiple years, so you won’t have to buy a new shoulder pad every season. The shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are made of different materials stimulates the performance. The shoulder pads are built of hard plastic and shock-absorbing foam what creates a perfect balance between the fit and protection. The shock-absorbing foam will get back in the new position after a crash so that the next you will crash it will give you the same protection. This increases the safety of the shoulder pad. You can wear the shoulder pad any time during the year. The shoulder pads are ventilated what makes them easy wearable during the summer and even in the winter they give the players warmth. Except that we also have women’s American football shoulder pads. These have a look that fits to every women on the pitch. These women’s shoulder pads have a different fit that fits perfect to a structure of a women’s body.


We have sizes for everyone who needs a shoulder pad. We even have kids American football shoulder pads. We also have different sizes for adults. If you are bigger or wider we have size Large or Extra Large. If you are a little bit smaller or thinner you can wear a Small or Medium. We also have unique sizes like XXL, 3XL or XS. On our website we can help you with choosing the best size that fits to your body. Except that we also have special American football shoulder pads for kids. These will have unique sizes that are based kids sizes.


The shoulder pad will make sure that you will be safe under any circumstances. The provides safety because of different amount specifications that the shoulder pad has. The way how the shoulder pad is set up makes sure that you can take damage without that your body get hurts or injured. The shoulder pad contains shock absorbing foam that decreases the impact on your body while you crash. The foam will also return to the original conditions so that the next it can protect you on the same level as before. The shoulder pads makes sure that your shoulders will stay in a secure position when you crash, so you can’t dislocate your shoulder as example.


The first shoulder pads were made from leather and wool. This made the shoulder pads really light and thin. Then there were found new ways of how they could produce better shoulder pads. the products could make the shoulder pads from new materials. The shoulder pads were then made of foam with the outside of the shoulder pads covered with hard plastic. These provided better protection against collisions. Subsequently, synthetic fibers were used in the making of shoulder pads as this stimulated the ventilation of the shoulder pads.


We have shoulder pads that are made for specific positions and shoulder pads that you can were anywhere on the pitch, these are call ‘all purpose’. It also depends on the needs of the player. For the wide receiver and quarterback we have a shoulder that keeps the flexibility high for throws and runs. For the fullback and line back we have a shoulder pad that secures more protection with blocking the opponents. For the lineman there is a good shoulder pad with extra protection that decreases the impact on the body from the player. This needs the player because he’s blocking the opponents and will receive blows. For the running back / defensive back we have shoulderpads that protects you from blows but will not decrease your performance on running and mobility.










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