Forelle & Riddell

Since 1989, Forelle & Riddell maintain a strong partnership. From the moment that we started selling Riddell, we became official supplier & exclusive dealer in Europe. Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your favourite Riddell American Football equipment. Riddell sells for example helmets, shoulder pads, accessories and apparel. Curious what Riddell is all about? Keep on reading!

About Riddell

Riddell is a passionate team dedicated to giving back to the football community while advancing the sport through game-changing innovations in helmet technology and protective equipment that enhance on-field performance. The company was started by John Tate Riddell in 1939. Riddell has been the long-standing leader in football head protection and protective athletic equipment for more than 90 years, and they are just getting started.

Riddell’s mission: To boldly champion the future of football.



Riddell is the biggest brand when it comes to helmets. These helmets are the best you can get. Multiple variations are available like the Speedflex Diamond helmets, the Speedflex High Gloss helmets, the Speed Icon (high gloss) helmets, Foundation (high gloss) helmets and the speed classic helmets. Riddell has helmets who can also get customized digitally.

These helmets are available for the following positions: quarterback, running back, fullback, wide receiver, tight end, centre, offensive guard, offensive tackle, defensive tackle, defensive end, offensive lineman, line backer and cornerback.

To protect the player from head injuries, protection is a must. These helmets have patented side impact protection and reduce the forces of side impacts. The design, manufacturing and engineering are fused into one. Some of Riddell’s helmets are even 3D printed for a custom-tuned helmet platform for protection, fit, comfort and stability.

With these designs come a lot of technologies like the tuneable lattice liner, the carbon digital light synthesis, the Cam Loc retention system, the Flex system, all-points quick release, quick change liner attachment system, the tru-curve liner system and even more.


Helmet accessories

Face masks

Face masks are available in different colours for every helmet. You can look on the website which face mask is compatible with the helmet you want/have. These give you more protection and comfort on the field. It is recommended for all-purposes and these specific models are built with light weight tubular steel.

Chin straps

Riddell Hard Cup Chinstrap is available with a hypoallergenic foam for maximum comfort and protection. They are specifically designed for a tight, proper fit every time the helmet is worn. It combines comfort and impact protection offered by a polycarbonate hard cup and includes a chinstrap attachment system. This is compatible with the Riddell revolution speed, speed classic, revolution, attack, attack-I and edge youth helmets.

Shoulder pads

Riddell’s shoulder pads are the first choice of more than 100 elite teams across the US. They are recommended for professional, collegiate and elite athletes.

Shoulder pads from Riddell are available for different positions like the quarterback, wide receiver, full back, line back, offensive linemen, defensive lineman, tight end and the other positions.

These shoulder pads have the newest technology like the RipKord technology, integrated STAC shoulder system, strategically designed swim cut arches, flat pad design, air management liner system, removable/adjustable channels and bodies, stainless steel hardware, bio thane straps and belts and velvet collar.

Riddell has a wide range of alternatives which gives you a lot of choice. Want to buy one? Check out the button below.

Girdle pads and padded shirts

Riddell has different types of clothing to protect you from injuries. You can choose between Girdle Pads or Padded shirts. The Girdle Pads contain compression and include built-in tail, thigh and extended hip pads. Also, a sewn-in pocket is included with various models.

The padded shirts are comfortable to wear under shoulder pads. It doesn’t add much weight to your outfit. Furthermore, it features own built-in padding at the shoulders, ribs and spine for extra protection against impact. These will give you confidence and keep you safe on the field.


As it comes to bags, Riddell offers an equipment travel bag, a duffel equipment bag, a team equipment bag, a personal equipment bag and a mesh equipment bag. These bags are perfect to take stuff with you to training or a match.

Replica helmets

Riddell offers replica helmets to add to your collection for real fans. There are helmets available for a lot of teams. For example: Lions, Rams, Packers, Patriots, Raiders, Buccaneers, Ravens, Giants and more.

These helmets are a half-scale replica of the most popular introductions in Riddell’s history. If you are a collector, you need to add these to your collection. There are also replica helmets available that are full size in scale. These are not eligible for playing, only to display.

It’s also possible to buy a complete conference set which includes 16/32-piece pocket size speed helmet set.


Riddell has different balls available. You can choose between a leather, composite or rubber ball. These balls have the official size, weight, superior feel and channelled laces. These are perfect to use during matches or when you want to play recreational football.