Welcome to Trace Europe. Trace Sports Guards are some of the most used protective guards in volleyball, handball and softball. 

Forelle & Trace Europe

Since the early 90s, Forelle and Trace maintain a strong partnership. From the moment that we started selling Trace and became Official Supplier & exclusive dealer in Europe, Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your Trace guards. Curious about what Trace is all about? Keep on reading!

About trace  

Trace can be regarded as the first developer and manufacturer of the knee pad with Teflon coating. Trace is also the number one choice of many European international volleyball teams.

The main difference between the handball knee guard and the volleyball knee guard is that the handball knee guard is equipped with an extra velcro strap to keep the pad in place. Everything else is exactly the same.


With the Trace volleyball (44000) and handball (42000) knee protectors, knees can withstand many dives. The knee pads are provided with a Teflon coating, which means that the knee pads last extra long.

Thanks to the special 'Keyhole' design, the pads have a perfect fit under all circumstances and you will not feel any irritation on the knee.

The knee pads have build-in wings for optimum knee protection and the open back reduces bulk behind the knee. The pads also have heavy duty encased elastic straps that keep the pads firmly in place.


Trace knee pads are made of lycra fabric which provides ultimate wearing comfort. They are also impregnated with proprietary Teflon coating to increase durability when sliding on most gym floors (not recommended for synthetic floors) and withstands over 30,000 frictions resulting in minimal wear.

In most cases pads burn out quickly when floors are highly polished and very clean after being refurbished.

The 1/2" Foam Padding provides extra protection to the knee. The wide elastic straps keeps the knee pad always in place. The patented "Keyhole" design on the sides provides superior flexibility and wearing comfort.


For maximum life, machine wash your kneepads product after every use. Use normal laundry detergent and don’t use bleach. Line dry or tumble dry your kneepads on low or delicated cycles only. Do not dry on high temperatures as foam paddings may shrink.

Features and benefits

  • The knee guards are packed in pairs.
  • Trace knee guards are made of 65% polyester, 30%nylon and 5% spandex.
  • Sizes S to XL
  • Multiple colours available (black, white, yellow, navy, scarlet)
  • The design of the guards is similair to mma, kickboks and wrestling knee guards.

You can buy the Trace volleyball knee guard and Trace handball knee guard on our website by clicking this link. We offer also other Trace protective products like sliding shorts, hand guards and arm guards.

Retailers & Distributors

When purchasing in bulk, we can offer Retailers and Distributors special prices. You can find more info by contacting the Forelle sales team at or by calling +31475-334560.