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Back in the early days of American Football the clothing were rugby-type uniforms because American Football evolved out of rugby. These American Football outfit were made with wool or cotton sweaters with no padding added. When the game and its rules evolved over the years the clothing evolved too. They started using leather with padding. Over the years the uniforms evolved were made with different materials to make them lighter but also more durable.

Custom Clothing

On our site we provide the option to make your own custom clothing. Almost a full American football outfit. This can be a custom cap, custom American football pants and custom American football jerseys. There are endless combination of customization. These custom clothing can be personalized with colours, custom logo, text with different sizes and fonts, design and style. The custom jerseys can also be personalized with your name and favourite number. This can be used during training, but also during a game.

Belts and socks

Probably one of the most forgotten things in the game are American football belts and American football socks. The socks to match the colours of your team, and the belts to keep your pants up while tackling and making runs.


In this category you can find casual American football clothing to wear in the daily life. These American football t-shirts and American football hoodies are made by big American football equipment brands.


Compression shirts are like a second skin, worn on your upper body. Great to keep you warm or to help you cool down using different technologies like hypercool, coolgear and heatgear. The Nike Pro Combat and Adidas Tech Fit should be bought in one size up, while these are directly fitted to your body for the perfect feel. It’s up to you if you want the sleeves or not to show of your tattoos.

The Nike Poly Top are more like fitted shirts. These are not directly on your skin like the compression shirts. Take a look in our wide range of compression shirts and fitted shirts but be quick as most of the products have reached its final batch. This also can be used as American football training shirts


Here you can find different integrated pants. These American football padded pants protects you against big hits and absorbs the impact of a incoming or outgoing hits. It also support your muscles. These pants come in an American football adults pants and American football youth pants. These game pants can also be used as practice pants or American football training pants.


We offer a wide variety of American football shirts for every player suited for practice. From the new school look to the old school look. The elastic fit from the shirts make it easy to pull over the Shoulder Pad. This game shirt can also be used as a practice shirt. These shirts come in American football adult shirts, but also American football youth shirts.

If you’re unsure what size to buy, we advise you to buy the same size as your Shoulder Pad. Every shirt has enough elasticity to fit over the Shoulder Pad of the same size.


We provide a variety of American football youth clothing. We sell American football youth belts, American football youth shirt and American football youth pants. Enough to combine it to a match outfit or practice outfit.


On our site you can find American football shorts. Shorts are often created for flag football while they do not contain protective pads. Because of the compression material and the mesh side panels the pants feels light on the skin and gives a breathable experience while playing Flag Football. 










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