Forelle & Cutters Sports

Since the mid 2000s, Forelle and Cutters maintain a strong partnership. From the moment that we started selling Cutters gloves and became exclusive dealer in Europe, Forelle was the place-to-be when it comes to buying your new Cutters gloves. Curious about what Cutters is all about? Keep on reading!

About Cutter Sports:

Cutters is all about The Grip. Their construction is unstoppable, their design incredible and their technology unbeatable.

Jeff Beraznik founded the Cutters brand in Canada during the 1990s, when a hand injury forced him to wear gloves. Not satisfied with any available football gloves on the market, he came across industrial gloves used by glass handlers and cutters. The gloves did the trick and led to years of research to develop the concept into high-performance sports gloves. This was the launching pad for Cutters in 1997.

Cutters created the strongest, most consistent, ultra-durable and hero-making grip in the business. Pro, semi-pro, collegiate and high school football players know what Cutters is all about.

Cutters gloves technologies:

Cutters are the pioneers of performance grip. Other companies have attempted to meet their standards, but theu don't match the Cutters grip, durability or overall performance. Their grip is a trade secret.

Cold, rain or shine. The Cutters gloves will perform without compromise in all weather conditions.

Self-restoring grip material. Simply wipe down with a samp cloth when dirty and the grip will come back.

All of the Cutters gloves are machine washable. It's recommended that you wash your gloves often to help clean and maintain the grip and life of your glove.


Cutters position breakdown


Receivers handle the ball quite a bit during a game. A receiver cannot afford to mishandle the ball, so a glove that provides a strong grip is the best option. Lightweight, breathable material, like the C-TACK performance grip, is the best way to go. The perforated material ensures that moisture and slippage won't hinder the wearer. Click the link below to browse the right Receiver models.

Running backs

The running back demands a lot from their gloves, as they are playing a role that is very susceptible to fumbling the ball and causing a devastating turnover. Grip is a major priority in this role, so a good pair of running back gloves will have plenty of it. Padding on the back of the hand is very important to the running back too. Breaking through a defensive line will put the running back's hands at risk for broken fingers and hands. Click the link below to browse the right Running back models.


The lineman's' only tool is their hands, and they are under the constant threat of injuries. Linemen shouldn't skimp on protecting their most used asset, so finding the right gloves to support their role is crucial. Lineman gloves should be focused on supporting providing plenty of support and protection. A solid pair of lineman gloves will accomplish this by providing plenty of padding. Generally speaking, a lineman's gloves will be the bulkiest gloves on the football field, as thicker layers of padding are needed to protect the lineman's hands. A great pair of lineman gloves will offer plenty of tack to assist in gripping also. While it doesn't happen often, a lineman will catch an occasional fumble so it's best to have gloves that support ball handling. Click the link below to browse the right Linemen models.

Linebacker/ Defense back

LB's & DB's get down and dirty often. They hit hard and fast, and they put their hands at risk. Thick padding comes in handy (no pun intended) given all the impact they will face. Look for padding to avoid cuts or bruises that can prevent you from putting in 100% on every play. A strong wrist strap is also vital when they're pursuing a receiver. The aggressive defensive back will aim to interrupt every pass and put their wrists at risk, and a strong wrist strap will help to mitigate that risk. Click the link below to browse the right LB/DB models.