Forelle & Rawlings

Since 1989, Forelle & Rawlings maintain a strong partnership. From the moment that we started selling Rawlings, we became official supplier & exclusive dealer in Europe. Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your favourite Rawlings baseball and softball equipment. Rawlings sells for example bats, bags, balls, batting gloves, catcher equipment, clothing and apparel, field equipment, gloves, helmets, protective gear, luxury leather goods, shoes, training/umpire equipment accessories and custom equipment. Curious about what Rawlings is all about? Keep on reading!

About Rawlings

Rawlings is an American sports equipment manufacturing company and is founded in 1887, Rawlings currently specializes in baseball clothing and equipment. They produce gloves, bats, balls, protective gear, batting helmets, uniforms and bags. Footwear includes sneakers and sandals. The company also sells other accessories and products, like an exclusive chair. The mission has always had a focus on enabling participation by developing and producing innovative, high-performance equipment and protective gear and apparel for the entry-level, amateur and professional player. Former products manufactured by Rawlings included softball, American football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball balls.



Bats are crafted from the finest composite materials and designed to provide hitters with maximum performance every time they step up to the plate. These bats are engineered to give you a powerful swing to drive and hit balls deep.

The masterpieces from Rawlings are engineered to unleash ultimate power to your swing. Also, the ultra-light end cap helps you to swing it faster. The barrel flexibility is so good, the ball explodes off your barrel. You will hit the balls further than you ever did before.

You want to hit home runs more often? Check out Rawlings’ bats.

The bats are available in different sizes.

Batting gloves

The batting gloves from Rawlings provide better grip and softness. Some gloves feature an exclusive Dynamic Fit System which provides better comfort and greater flex and feel in play. Also, these batting gloves give you more added protection in the palm and is equipped with double knit spandex finer gussets. Furthermore, they have a reinforced elastic wrist closure. Leather is used for more comfort and durability. The flex fit back of hand material creates an unrestricted feel through each swing. These batting gloves are available in different colours and sizes.


Only the finest materials and hand craftmanship are used to make exceptional mitts. Rawlings delivers the ultimate gloves in playability and feel. These gloves are built from ultra-premium Pro preferred leather for the unparalleled feel, quality and performance that the game’s biggest stars demand. Each glove is carefully handcrafted by the most experienced master craftsmen and individually numbered with initials and the date the glove was built.

Available in different colours and sizes. You can even design your own custom glove and choose your favourite materials, colours, webs, patterns, your own name, number and flag.


Shop baseball and American football helmets from Rawlings which provides sleeker profile with optimized ventilation. Furthermore, these helmets have a high-performance padding absorbs and disperses force forming a barrier for the ultimate protection. The attached EXT flap becomes handy for a high visibility and additional facial coverage. This results in more confidence at the plate.

There are different models available like the Rawlings Machextr, Machextl, Velo, matte helmets, Alpha, Coolflo, two tone and more.

These are available in different colours and sizes.

Football helmets

As for American football, there are impulse helmets, quantum helmets en tachyon helmets available. The lightweight helmets provide high-performance protection and comfort. The visibility stays the same. Available in different sizes en colours.


To complete the look, you must wear faceguards for ultimate protection. Rawlings’ faceguards are compatible with the helmets. You can check on the website which faceguard is recommended for which position.


Rawlings offers American footballs and baseballs. As for American football, there is choice between the Rawlings force leather, Rawlings professional PeeWee style and different styles of Rawlings rubber balls. These are designed for recreational play and the butyl bladder is there for excellent air retention. Furthermore, with the hand sewn lace you get a more improved grip and feel.

The softballs are designed to have a game-like performance, enhanced playability, and long-lasting compression. These balls are more durable than other balls.

Clothing & apparel

As for baseball clothing, Rawlings offers a lot of options. You can choose between pro baseball/softball pants but also semi-relax pants, belted pants, launch pants and more. These pants consist of a gripper elastic waistband, flat-lock stitching and pocket tie-downs. Altogether, great ingredients for a professional look.

There are also jerseys, jackets, (fleece)hoodies and t-shirts available.

Rawlings’ American football clothing is also available at Forelle. Game pants are the main product in this category. These light game pants come with 7 all in one built in pads. You can’t go wrong with the newest design. Rawlings offers t-shirts in this category as well. These are available in different sizes and colours.


As for American football, there are different types of protectional and medical clothing. Padded pants, padded shirts, knee/shoulder/ankle wraps, mouthguards and different types of pads. This protection equipment helps to prevent you from an injury.

As for baseball, you have choice between leg guards, elbow guards and wrist guards. The elastic straps allow a preferred fit. Furthermore, the impact shield flexes for improved comfort and fit.

Shoulder pads

Rawlings has a few shoulder pads available. The combat and momentum shoulder pads are the most common. The construction provides hitting protection without sacrificing field vision or mobility. There are also kick plates, rib protection vests, blocking vests, rip protectors and neck rolls available.


As for baseball bags, you have choice between a wheeled bag, different types of backpacks, a duffel bag and a ball bag. These are perfect to take with you to matches or training. The wheeled bag is perfect for anyone who takes a lot of stuff with him. If you don’t have that much of equipment, you can either buy a backpack or a duffel bag. This gives you easy access to your gear.

Catcher equipment

There are different catcher’s sets available for adults and youth. Take your game to the next level with these sets. The optimal ventilation, high strength, impact absorbing memory foam padding and the lightweight are examples of the product specifications. All together, it gives you ultimate comfort on the field.

Field equipment

As for field equipment, tripods and batting tees are the products who you can choose from. These are perfect to hit a few balls back-to-back. It is easy to take with you because of the lightweight.

Luxury goods

You can get a special-order Rawlings chair and you can choose if you want ottoman combo or not. This is a premium luxury good which you can order at Forelle.

Training equipment

As for training equipment, you can get a pro net, a ball caddy, a heavy-stick training bat, resistance band and more. These are perfect for a trainer to give the players the best training possible. Also, these are highly recommended if you want to practice at home.