Forelle & Schutt

Since 2012, Forelle & Schutt maintain a strong partnership. Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your favourite Schutt American football equipment. Schutt sells for example helmets, facemasks, chinstraps and under armour through Forelle. Schutt also sells baseball and softball equipment on their own website. Curious about what Schutt is all about? Keep on reading!

About Schutt

Schutt sports begins in 1918 the back room of a hardware store in Litchfield, Ill., where Bill Schutt invents the metal eyelet used to attach nets to basketball rims and begins manufacturing basketball goals. Schutt build gear for players. For nearly a century, we’ve committed themselves to developing the most innovate and technology advanced gear in sports. All with the sole purpose of empowering players to focus and perform at the of their game.




Schutt’s helmets are available in all different sizes and colours. The helmets have a new shell that’s very lightweight and features the all-new Helmet Stabilization System. They come standard with a carbon steel guard and traditional loop straps. And the helmet is equipped with TPU Cushioning, which won't take a compression set, even after thousands of impacts.

Shoulder pads

The shoulder pads from Schutt are designed and enhanced with cool mesh liners and performance fit stitching. The most of the pads and trim are fully customizable to match your team’s colours. Every shoulder pad is designed with air management technology. The utilization of the air management cushioning system offers the very best in protective capability. They are available from XS to 2XL.