Baum Bat

Forelle & BAUM

Since 2010, Forelle & BAUM maintain a strong partnership. From the moment that we started selling BAUM, we became official supplier & exclusive dealer in Europe. Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your favourite BAUM baseball and softball equipment. BAUM sells for example wooden bats and accessories trough Forelle. BAUM sells also clothing, tar sticks and lizard skins on their own website. They are specialized in custom bats. Curious about what BAUM is all about? Keep on reading!

About BAUM

The original composite wood bat finds it’s roots in an unlikely place, a boatyard in Michigan. The late Steve Baum was an inventor, boat builder, and offshore racer. He had a vision of building a faster, lighter boat out of wood. As the boat industry began to try to build lighter, strong boats they began to utilize fiberglass. Baum, an aficionado of the classic look of wood boats, wanted to find a way to combine the look and feel of wood with state of the art advances in the aerospace industry. Utilizing his background in manufacturing engineering, Baum began his work on his passion project, spending 20 years refining the process of crafting wooden boats that were stronger, lighter and more beautiful than their fiberglass counterparts. Baum saw the parallel in the baseball industry as leagues began to trade in the traditional wood bats for bats made from other materials. He saw an opportunity for the revolutionary, durable wood he had invented for updating boats to similarly update traditional wood bats which resulted in the original composite wood bat, The Baum Bat, the first of its kind. In 1993 he unveiled The Baum Bat. A composite wood bat that hits like wood, feels like wood, reacts like wood while being 400 times stronger than a traditional wood bat. For the baseball industry, this was a game changer.



You can customize your own bat online. First you can choose your bat balance, balanced of end load. Then you can choose the length of your bat. Then you can choose your own colours for your handle and barrel. Then you can choose your knob style, standard or flared. Then you can choose for a bat finish, gloss or matte. Then you can choose your own BAUM logo in many different colours. Then you can choose for an optional engraving. And last you can choose for lizard skin tape in many different colours.