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History of mouthguards

The origin of the mouthguard is not exactly clear. It is most likely that the mouthguard came from the sport of boxing.

Dental injuries were responsible for 24-50% of all injuries in American football in the 1940s and 1950s. The American Dental Association (ADA) then began researching mouthguards and their benefits and quickly started promoting the use of latex mouthguards in all combat sports.
Every High School football players in the USA was required to wear a mouthguard in 1962.
In 1973 the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) made mouthguards a requirement in college football. The number of dental injuries tremendesly dropped.

User moments

 American Football Mouthguards are worn every time you play American Football. During both training and games.


The following things are recommended when you are looking for an American Football mouthguard.

  • Hygiene, you should be able to clean your mouthguard regularly.
  • Comfort, this is obvious you do not want to wear anything that annoys you during the game or training.
  • Resilient, you want a mouthguard that does not tear or change shape, even after a hard fall.
  • Durable, you want a mouthguard that lasts, that way you get value for your money.
  • Good fit, you should not have to worry that your mouthguard will fall out.
  • No hinder, you should be able to breathe properly with your mouthguard in. talking should also be possible, because you need to be able to communicate during the match.

Instant fit


  • Cheap
  • Easy to access
  • Available with lip guard  


  • You chew on them easely
  • Can restrict talking and is hard to breathe in
  • Limmeted sizes
  • You have to close your jaw to keep it in place

Boil and bite


  • Provides a good custom fit
  • Affordable
  • Easy to access


  • Can feel a little uneasy at times
  • The design can restrickt speech and breathing
  • You can chew on them easily


A common material used in mouthguards is ethylene acetate. (EVA) Medical-grade silicone is used often for stock mouthguards. Rubber which is combined with gel-fit.


Skilled positions
Communication Is on very important especially for quarterbacks, wide receivers, and linebackers in charge of calling defensive formations. These players need a thin mouthguard, this does not mean that they should sacrifice protection. You need that is both.

Heavy hitters
Impact from the upper and lower jaw is what causes multiple injuries, like broken teeth, broken jaws, or concussions. These positions need a little extra protection as they are called heavy hitters, defensive/offensive lineman, linebackers, and safeties. These players have use for that extra bit of safety almost every play, but you want to make sure your mouthguards are not too bulky because they can cause discomfort.

Sizes mouthguards

Custom fit with boil and bite, for adults and youth. For stock ones most of them are one size fits most, one for adults and one for youth.

Why do I need compression gear

All your american football equipment has its function. The purpose of your cleats is to give you traction that helps with cuts and mobility. Your american football shoulder pads and your helmet help protect you during hits and tackles. You get extra grip from your gloves. So why should u not use american football body protective equipment because just like every other piece of equipment they surve a purpose.

Material and sizes

Widely known integrated compression equipment are american football girdles, american football padded shirts, american football sleeves, american football tights, american football knee pads, american footaball leg pads, and american football padded pants. Not all these equipment have the padding on the same location. Before you buy you compresssion gear make sure the padding is where you want it to be.

Integraded compression

American Football padded compression gear kill two bird with one stone, it gives you protection while also giving u a tight comfortable fit. One of the biggest benefits from integraded compression gear is that the padding is sewn in to it. Because of this your protection doesn’t move around as much as other protection does, this makes it more comfortable. An other big benefit is that you don’t give up any mobility, it is also very lightweight compared to other protection gear.
Other benefits from american football padded compression gear are less fatigue to the muscles, more efficient blood flow which provides more oxygen to the muscles, and it reduces soreness to the muscles, because of that you recover faster.

Non-Integraded compression

Compression sleeves, shorts, tops, and tights are the most common compression apparel. They are perfect for under pads and protection gear because they are a tight fit and lessens your pads rubbing on your skin. It can also help protect you against turf burns. Compression gear provides a streamlined fit. Compression gear can help you keep cool on the field. The reason for that is the moisture-wicking technology and breathable fabrics. This can be a helpful when you got the weight of your shoulder pads on you.

Cold weather compression

There are a lot of similarities between cold weather compression and non integrated compression gear. Like non integrated compression cold weather compression is comfortable under pads and helps against rubbing.

Cold weather compression has different levels of thermal capabilities but they are not the same for each brand. So you always have to check if you got the right one for you.


Restrictors or jockstraps where invented in 1874 by C.F.Bennett. They are used to protect your male genitalia from injury during contact sports. Because impact on your testicles can cause blunt trauma to the testicles and a serie of other complications like rupture and internal bleeding.
The cups used in american football restrictors are made of hard plastic. The supporter and the cup and are also available separate. American Football restrictors come in different forms, there is a supporter with a cage cup, you also have a cage cup in a boxer and there are also compression shorts with a cage cup.

Tapes & underwrap

Tapes and underwraps are designed to reduce friction and protect sensative skin.

American Football tapes and underwraps are used to protect injured joints from to much movement, to reduce  swelling, support anatomical structures, and to protect from re-injury. Taping can also be done to prevent injuries from occuring, it also provides additional stability.

Age and gender

Compression gear is made for both aduls and youth players.

Specifc terms or safety restrictions

Always make sure to buy a mouthguards, compression gear that is allowed in your league.

CE approved: product will gain a CE marking on there product when the European Economic Area (EEA) confirms the health, environmental protection standarts products and safety.










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