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Forelle & GSI Performance

Since 2020, Forelle and GSI maintain a strong partnership. Since the moment that we started offering GSI products we became Official Supplier and Forelle became the place-to-be when it comes to buying your GSI Performance equipment. Curious about what GSI is all about? Keep on reading!

About GSI

Global Sports innovation (GSI) created world leading technical training aids for the Rugby Union and League markets. The training aids are being used by international, professional and other clubs worldwide. Richie Gray, CEO and founder of Global Sports Innovation (GSI), has become one of the most sought after Elite Skills Contact Coaches in World Rugby today. In 2016, after 4 years of development, Richie Gray created technical training aids specifically designed for use in the development and coaching of the tackle area in American Football.

Partnership with Riddell

Global Sports Innovation, creators of the Gray Tackle System, is dedicated to working with coaches and football athletes to provide advanced training tools that improve player performance through mastery of tackle techniques and skill development. Through a strategic partnership, the Gray Tackle System Powered by Riddell is sold exclusively by Riddell.

GSI x Forelle

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The Level Bags, Grapple Bags and Wrap and Grip Bags are part of the GSI performance technical range and can be used in an isolation or as part of the full system of products. The Grip Low Bags, the Wrap + Roll and Dip + Rise low bags are part of the ‘Gray Tackle System’ and can also be used in isolation or as part of the full tackle system. The “Hammer” is a Technical Training Aid that has been specifically developed to isolate the simulation of the “cut-block” technique within a contact drill.

Level Bags

Level Bags are designed to train the follow-up technique and also will help with body shape, strong stance and balance. The bags can be used by a single player or double players. It depends on which size you get. There are 2 sizes available and 3 different levels.

Levels Bag Senior

  • Level 1 – 75cm x 45cm. Weight: 13kg                                                                 
  • Level 2 – 110cm x 45cm. Weight: 21kg                                                                   
  • Level 3 – 140cm x 45cm. Weight: 25.5kg

Levels Bag Junior

  • Level 1 – 60cm x 34cm. Weight: 6 kg                                                                            
  • Level 2 – 85cm x 34cm. Weight: 11kg                                                                        
  • Level 3 – 110cm x 34cm. Weight: 11.5kg

Wrap + Roll Low Bag

The Wrap + Roll Bag is designed to train the follow up technique. This training aid will also help with consistent body shape and a strong finish within the collision area. Training with this piece of equipment helps you achieve accurate strong arm wrap, dynamic roll, reaction speed and balance.

Senior Wrap + Roll Bag Sizes

  • Level 1: 750mm (h) x 450mm (d). Weight 33.5kg

Junior Wrap + Roll Bag Sizes

  • Level 1: 600mm (h) x 340mm (d). Weight 15kg

Wrap + Grip Lower Bags             

The Wrap + Grip Lower Bag is designed to isolate accurate body height, tackle accuracy and the immediate tackle follow-up technique of arm wrap, strong grip, head placement and body shape.

Senior Wrap + Grip Bag Size information

  • Level 1: 750mm (h) x 450mm (d). Weight 13kg
  • Level 2: 1100mm (h) x 450mm (d). Weight 21kg
  • Level 3: 1400mm (h) x 450mm (d). Weight 25.5kg

Junior Wrap + Grip Bag Size information

  • Level 1: 600mm (h) x 340mm (d). Weight 6kg
  • Level 2: 850mm (h) x 340mm (d). Weight 11kg
  • Level 3: 1100mm (h) x 340mm (d). Weight 11.5kg

Grapple Bags

This Grapple Bag is designed to train your follow up technique. It’s also designed to develop body shape, strong stance and balance. This product also helps to develop arm wrap and grip and reaction speed. The bags can be used to develop a single, or double, player contact.

Grapple Bag Sizes (Senior)

  • Level 1: 75cm (h). Weight 19kg
  • Level 2: 110cm (h). Weight 27.5kg
  • Level 3: 140cm (h). Weight 35kg

Grapple Bag Sizes (Junior)

  • Level 1: 60cm (h). Weight 7kg     
  • Level 2: 85cm (h). Weight 9kg                                        
  • Level 3: 110cm (h). Weight 12kg

Wrap & Grip 360

The Wrap & Grip 360 is a tackle ring designed to develop tackle technique, using this piece of equipment helps to develop accurate arm wrap and grip, reaction speed, timing and balance. The bags can be used to develop a single, or double player contact.

Wrap & Grip 360 size information                                    

  • Senior level 1: 110cm x 22cm. Weight 22kg                                                        
  • Junior level 1: 80cm x 22cm. Weight 11kg

The Hammer

The Hammer is a rectangular shape with a half cylinder on top. The Hammer has weights placed behind the cylinder which allows the player to throw the Hammer with more speed.  

The Hammer Size information

  • Level 1: 120cm x 85cm x 30cm. Weight: 15kg

Dip + Rise Contact Shield

The Dip + Rise contact shield is designed to train the dip and rise tackle form. Training with this piece of equipment helps you evolve reaction speed and balance. This product also contains holding straps so the carrier can put his arm through the straps and change the angle.

Senior Dip + Rise Shield Size information                                 

  • Level 1: 600mm x 360mm x 185mm. Weight 3kg

Junior Dip + Rise Shield Size information                                 

  • Level 1: 545mm x 345mm x 155mm. Weight 2.12kg