Forelle is proud to offer you an industry-best one (1) year limited warranty on all products except:

  • Shoes are warranted to be free of manufacturing and material defects for a period of three (3) months from the original date of purchase (warranty is void when American Football and/or Base/Softball shoes are used for other sports like “Korfball” etc.);
  • Wooden and composite bats;
  • Special offer products
  • American Football helmet liners

All other products are warranted to be free of manufacturing and material defects for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. To avoid fraudulent claims, save the proof of purchase - the proof of purchase must be presented to obtain warranty service. This warranty is void if the product is abused or altered in any way. Upon receipt of product and proof of purchase, our technical staff will examine the product. Forelle shall have the option to either repair or replace at its discretion products found to have manufacturing or material defects. Repaired or replacement products will be shipped a.s.a.p., pending stock availability. The substitution of a comparable model will be made should a discontinued product no longer be available. If our technical staff concludes that the product does not meet warranty criteria, then your product will be returned to you.

Also on bats we can offer you an industry-best one (1) year limited warranty. This limited warranty covers cracking, bending, or significant denting that may occur during normal field usage. This warranty is void if the bat is abused or altered in any way. Please note that many bats are manufactured with ultra-thin walls to maximize performance. It is possible that slight indentations (dings) and/or surface deformations (out-of-roundness) may occur. This does not constitute a defective product.



  • Dented: A visible depression conforming to the shape of a ball. Exceptions may occur with denting found in the transition area.
  • Bent: A bow along the length of the bat originating in the handle or the transition area of the bat.


  • Breakage: Broken in two pieces.
  • Cracked: A fracture in the bat metal. It may coincide with a significant dent.
  • Knob: Loose or detached, but not deformed.
  • Rattles: If not repairable


  • Abused: Damage that does not take the shape of a ball (occured while hitting something other than a baseball or softball). This can be a narrow dent, or a dent about the size of a pebble. Also included are punctures into the surface of the metal, and a barrel that is severely twisted about it’s diameter.
  • Dead: A bat that is so called “dead”, “flat”, or “lost its pop”.
  • Grips: Damaged grips.
  • Non-conforming: A bat no longer complying to national, state, or local association or league regulations is not an acceptable reason for return.
  • Worn finish: Chipping, removal, or wear of finish.
  • Wrong size: A bat which after use appears to be too long, too short, too heavy or too light is not acceptable.

Actual products might slightly differ from image as shown in the catalog and/or on the website.