Warranty Policy
Forelle is proud to offer a warranty for a period of 1 year on manufacturing and material defects. However, warranty is based on, and limited to, the manufacturer’s policy. In order to claim warranty you need the invoice to proof your purchase. Warranty is void if the product is misused or altered in any way. A copy of the invoice and clear images displaying the defect and the location of the defect can be sent to j.smeets@forelle.com. After inspecting the images the technical staff can request the product to be returned to Forelle for further physical inspection. Products can not be returned without a request from the technical staff.

The technical staff will offer a suitable solution after the inspection of the invoice and product as soon as possible. Note that this can take a couple of days. Options include: delivery of the missing aspect, product repair or replacement. At a moment when replacement is not possible anymore, Forelle will provide a similar product. Price reduction and order termination is only possible when delivery of the missing aspect, product repair or replacement is not possible anymore due to discontinuation by the manufacturer. Products with a Blem or Seconds label are not covered by warranty and are heavily reduced in price.

If our technical staff concludes that the product does not meet the warranty criteria, the product will be returned.


Baseball/Softball Bats
On bats we can offer a limited warranty of (1) year. Terms apply. The following paragraph clarifies these terms:

Warranty is void if the bat is misused or altered in any way. Please take into account that many bats are manufactured with ultra-thin casings to maximize performance. This however makes it possible that small recesses (dents) and/or surface distortions (out-of-roundness) may occur. In these cases there is no product defect.

In the following cases bats are covered by a one time warranty solution:

  • Breakage: broken into two pieces
  • Cracks: tearing of the metal
  • Dents: significant dented bats resulting from normal use
  • Knob: Loose or detached, but not deformed
  • Rattles: if not reparable

In the following cases bats are not covered by warranty:

  • Wood and composite bats are not covered by warranty by manufacturers
  • Abused: damage that does not take the shape of a ball (occurred while hitting something other than a baseball or softball). This can be a narrow dent, or a dent about the size of a pebble. Also included are punctures into the surface of the metal, and a barrel that is severely twisted about its diameter
  • Dead: a bat that is so called “dead”, “flat”, or “lost its pop”
  • Grips: damaged grips
  • Non-conforming: a bat no longer complying to national, state, or local association/league regulations
  • Worn finish: chipping, removal, or wear of finish
  • Wrong size: a bat which after use appears to be too long, too short, too heavy or too light

Shoes are warranted to be free of manufacturing and material defects for a period of three (3) months from the original date of purchase. Wear and tear is not covered by warranty. This includes teared noses from pitching. Surfaces punctured by spikes are not covered. Warranty is void when American Football and/or Base/Softball shoes are used for other sports like Netball/Korfball.

Helmet liners
Helmet liners are not covered by warranty.

Gloves are laced to stop the glove itself from breaking. Therefore broken/worn laces are not covered by warranty.