Shock Doctor

Forelle & Shock Doctor

Since 2011, Forelle & Shock Doctor maintain a strong partnership. From the moment that we started selling Shock Doctor, we became official supplier & exclusive dealer in Europe. Forelle is the place-to-be when it comes to buying your favourite Shock Doctor American football equipment. Shock Doctor sells for example protection & medical, clothing & apparel, chin straps and helmets. Curious about what Shock Doctor is all about? Keep on reading!

About Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor is the leader in mouthguard technology and the #1 mouthguard in the world. They have become the leader in protection and performance in sports. Their continual innovation in performance-driven and protective gear is trusted fearless by pro and youth athletes.


Lip Guards

Shock Doctor lip guards cover your top and bottom lip. The most common oral injuries by American football are cracked or missing teeth. This lip guards are perfect for protection and gives a nice style.

Interchange Lip Guard

  • Change it up - Easily swap lip guard shield designs day to day, game to game, kit to kit. 
  • Rep Your Guard - Collect shield designs every game, every mood, every W.
  • Ultimate Comfort - Contoured design fits naturally and Max Flow allows for easy breathing.
  • Easy Fit - Instant fit, no boiling required. Works with braces; tether included!
  • Legit - Meets national and high school rules and regulations.
  • No Funny Business - Latex Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free.
  • OSFM - One Size Fits Most Youth and High School Athletes

Max Airflow Lip Guard

  • More Air - Airflow breathing channel for 10% more air flow capacity.
  • Comfort - Low profile integral bite pads add comfort.
  • Works with Braces.
  • Personalize - Quick release tether allows the lip guard to be used strapped or strapless.
  • Allowed - Meets national and state high school rules.
  • No Funny Business - LATEX FREE, BPA FREE, Phthalate Free.

Mouth guards

American football can be a rough sport, which is why having the right protective equipment in crucial for athletes of every level and age. You need to keep your mouth guarded at all times. The Shock Doctor Nano Mouthguards are perfect.

Gel Nano

  • Classic Fit - Traditional and original, all-around performer
  • High impact shock absorption
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Ultimate custom fit

Nano 3D Mouthguard

  • Slim Fit - Less material, lower profile, better breathability
  • 1/3 smaller for easy breathing & speaking
  • Protective shock frame & nano inner wall disperses impact
  • MORA performance enhancement

Nano Double

  • High impact technology for high-impact sports
  • Protects, stabilizes both upper & lower teeth/jaw


Shock Doctor Tethers are the newest way to make your mark on the field. Featuring universal attachment and exclusive print designs, these tethers are easy to use and like nothing you've ever strapped up. Complete your kit with Shock Doctor Showtime Chin Straps and Back Plates.

Compatible with all Shock Doctors mouthguards, lip guards and most other brands.

  • Universal Attachment- Compatible with all Shock Doctor Mouthguards, Lip Guards, and most other brands.
  • Express Yourself- Mix and match for a new look at any time.
  • Rinse And Repeat - Machine washable for use all season long.

Mouthguard Case

Heavy duty ventilated case with carabiner attachment system provides secure, clean storage for a single mouthguard to reduce exposure to bacteria.

  • Clean Storage - Heavy duty clean storage for your mouthguard.
  • Easy attaching - Carabiner clip attaches easily to your athletic bag.
  • Fast Drying - Ventilated case promotes fast drying.
  • Secure - Secure closure with drip slot for yuck.
  • Usable For All - Compatible with both Mouthguards and Lip guards.

NoSweat helmet/hat liner

Say goodbye to sweaty mess and distractions. The Shock Doctor NoSweat Helmet Liner seals in sweat from your helmet to keep you cool and dry and performing at your best. 

  • No Sweaty Mess And Distractions - Perform at your best with patented Sweat-Lock™
  • technology, which seals in sweat to help keep you and your hat cool and dry.
  • Instantly Absorbs And Wicks Sweat - Keeping sweat out of your eyes and stains and odors off your hat so it looks and smells like new.
  • Peel It. Stick It. NoSweat! - Easy to apply inside front and back of your hat. Use the liner multiple times and replace when fully saturated.
  • Comfort And Support For Your Skin - Thin, soft, lightweight material adds breathability to be acne-friendly and help reduce skin irritation.
  • Used By The Best. 100% American Made - Proudly made in the U.S.A., NoSweat used by top players in every major professional sport, including Football, Baseball, Golf and Ice Hockey. Every NHL referee uses NoSweat on the ice - also reduces fog build-up in glasses, masks and half shields.

AirCore Cups

The aircore cups are an easy substitute for the traditional cup and is ideal for baseball, hockey, lacrosse and MMA athletes.

AirCore Soft Cup

30% Lighter Cup Attached to Waistband
Premium micro-knit waistband
Machine Washable

AirCore Bio-Flex Cup

Secure and comfortable fit.
Mesh cup panel for maximum ventilation.
Includes Bio-Flex Protective Cup - features gel perimeter pad that allows for unrestricted movement and improved comfort. Also shields and transfers shock and impacts up to 100 mph away from the body.

AirCore Hard Cup

Rigid Co-polymer Core
Comfortable and Easy to Fit
Machine Washable

Chin Straps

The new Shock Doctor Showtime Chin Strap combines legendary performance and protection with exclusive designs. Complete your kit with Shock Doctor Showtime Back Plates and Tethers.

  • Lightweight Protection - High-impact design protects without the bulk.
  • Ventilated Channels - Aggressively release heat.
  • Easy Cleaning - Removable, anti-microbial liner can be washed.
  • Triple Grip Straps - No-slip system keeps everything in place.
  • Versatile - Perfect for Youth, High School, Collegiate, and Adult Football Athletes
  • Adaptable - Works with most regulation Football Helmets


The new Showtime Back Plate combines legendary performance and protection with our exclusive design.  Show your colours with pride and protect your blindside.  Complete your kit with Shock Doctor Showtime Chin Straps and Tethers.

  • Max Protection – Designed specifically for Football, protects the lower back, kidneys and spine. Shock Doctor has been a leader in sports protective gear. Be safe against blind impacts coming from the size or back.
  • Comfort And Durability- Our contoured foam interior is designed to absorb impact as well as sit comfortably on your lower back. It will NOT limit your movement, speed or mobility. Slightly curved pad to fit the back.
  • Ventilated And Breathable - Ventilated air channels - aggressively releases heat to keep you cool and comfortable on field.
  • Hardware Included - easily attaches to most shoulder pads.
  • 100% PE + 100% EVA foam