What to look for when buying baseball shoes?

The right baseball shoes are essential when you want enough grip and don't want to slip when running for homeruns. But do you need molded or metal cleats? Or a high or low pair of shoes? This guide will help you decide when your looking for new baseball cleats.

Baseball players never sit or stand still. Or they are running from base to base or going after deep fly balls. This intensity requires cleats that can withstand a large amount of play. Baseball cleats provide stability and security every time you step on the plate.

When going for a new pair of cleats, always take a look at the material, height and type of the cleat. Finding the perfect balance between these three factors can boost your performance.


Mesh and or synthetic leather are the materials you’ll find the most. A combination of these two is what you really want. It provides durability and breathability on the field. Some of the synthetic materials can also improve water resistance. This improves your game on rainy days and in the mud. The easiest way is just to try the cleats on to feel what fits good.

Type of cleat

The type of spikes on your cleat will be the most important and hardest decision. Each of the types have their own benefits. The choice has to be made between four basic types of spikes.

PLEASE NOTE: Before buying cleats, always check the coach or local league if certain styles are prohibited.

The first and most common cleat style are the molded cleats. It’s a strong design that can be a great option for players of all ages. The studs are made from non-removable rubber which makes this cleats suitable for all kinds of surfaces. These type of cleats often have more studs on the outsole, this can lessen the pressure and create a more comfortable fit during play.

The second type of cleats are Metal cleats, the counterpart of the molded cleats. This type of cleats are often worn by professionals on the diamond. The reason behind this is because the metal spikes dig in deeper and easier in the dirt to create the best traction. Please check if these are allowed in your league due to safety reasons.

TPU/MCS cleats are the third type of cleats to wear on the diamond. They are almost the same as the molded cleats but use a harder plastic material for the spike pattern instead of rubber. These studs absorb impact and provide enough comfort for the player. This option is often much lighter than the molded cleats.

The last option are Turf cleats and trainers. This option is perfect for training and playing on artificial surface. These cleats provide more grip on these surfaces and they don’t damage the playing field. Turf trainers have a smoother surface than other cleat styles. This makes them more comfortable for practice off the field.

Height of the cleats

Now the last part of buying cleats is choosing the right height for you. There are only two options so don’t worry.

Number one are the Low-top cleats. These are more lightweight than other options. This is why these are perfect for speed and agility for the faster athlete. However they don’t provide a lot of ankle support. So if you want to go for speed instead of security, these are the ones to go for.
The second option are Mid/High-top cleats. They are designed to give the player added stability and security. This height provides the most ankle support than any other style does. The added material used to create the height is also extra weight. Therefore the speed and agility reduces.

Always go for a shoe that feels the most comfortable and leave some room in the toe. A shoe that is too big can cause tripping hazards. A shoe that is too small causes blisters or even injuries.

Use this Buying Guide in your advantage, you can always visit the showroom to try on a couple of cleats.


When you're a player that loves their shoes you probably want them to last as long a possible. Next to washing your cleats there are also other things that you can do. An usefull shoe accessorie is the Tuff Toe. This piece of equipment will protect the toe of your shoe.