How do I find a good baseball infielder’s glove?

If you're thinking about to buy yourself a new baseball glove, it's important to know all the features of a good glove. This guide will help you to learn more about these features and learn what to look for when buying a new baeball infielders glove.

Having the right glove for your position is key, therefore we have created this Buying Guide so you can make an easy decision.

Infielders are known for their quick plays and ball transfers, their gloves should allow this by being perfect for the job. Keep these three following essential parts in mind when going for a glove as a shortstop, a second baseman or as a third baseman. The three things to look for in a glove are Sizing, Pocket Depth and Web Design.


Alright, first off all we need to check the sizing of the glove. Normally the infield gloves have the smallest measurements on the field. A second baseman needs to be fast with the transfers, also grip would come in handy. This is more important than the range of the glove. So players on this position usually have the smallest glove, measuring from 11 to 11,5 inch from the heel to the tip.

So a shortstop and a third baseman tend to have gloves slightly bigger than a second baseman. These glove carry a size from 11,5 to 12 inch. This extra bit of glove gives the player a bigger chance of grabbing those fastballs that are launched down the line.

Pocket Depth

A more shallow pocket comes in handy as a middle infielder. The shallow pocket causes a quicker release and it increases the ease of getting rid of the ball. The shallow pocket decreases the searching time in the pocket which results in a faster throw and smoother transfer. Third baseman often need a more deeper pocket. This is because they are closer to the batter and the impact of the ball is harder.


As a second baseman or short stop, a vital skill you want to have is a quick release to throw runners out at first base. Going for a glove with an I-Web is the most ideal choice. The I-Web has holes in it so the dirt falls out immediately when you’re going for a ground ball. Dirt normally reduces your grip in the ball. Other popular webs that are often chose for these positions are the Single post web and dual post web.

A third baseman does not need an open web. The third base position is more focused on stopping the ball rather than making quick plays and transfers. Therefore you should go for a two-piece closed web style in this position, as it provides more support in catching hard hit balls.

Now that you have gotten extra information about infielder’s gloves, go out there and pick the right one for you. Go for a nice and secure fit around the hand and has a great balance between stiffness and flexibility. The looks and color are just personal preference, this could be the hardest choice.

Little note: White and light grey colored gloves are not prohibited in the Netherlands, please check your local leagues if this color glove is allowed.


To get the most out of your baseball glove there are multiple glove accessories available to maintain your glove. Use a glove break in kit to break in your glove or glove conditioner to enhance the life of the leather.