What pair of batting gloves do I buy

Do you have a lot of tension in your hands when swinging your bat? You might want to try some batting gloves. These gloves will provide you with more grip and will help you to hit those homeruns!

Batting gloves are made to enhance the grip for a better performance. Use this gear to improve and step your game up.

Alright, rule number one: “Does it fit?”. This is all you need to know in the beginning. When stepping to the plate with a pair of batting gloves that don’t fit will not help you to swing at your best. It is very important to find a pair of batting gloves that fit your needs. Find a pair that provides the comfort you need but also enhances your performances.

Why should I wear batting gloves?

A pair of batting gloves can help increase the amount and quality of grip and decrease the amount of vibrations coming from the bat after a hit. By keeping a controlled grip that makes the bat feel tight in the player’s hands, can increase the results on the plate.

Batting gloves also offer a decent amount of protection. They can decrease the amount of vibration and sting coming from the bat and reduce the chances of getting blisters throughout the season. They also protect your hands from friction burns as your sliding from base to base.

You can also wear a batting glove underneath your mitt. The extra barrier can provide more grip and more protection from the impact of the ball.


In order to find the right size for you, measure the dominating hand in the length. Start at the base of the palm and go all the way up to the tip of the middle finger. So for example. If your hand measures a length of 7 inches, look for a M in men’s or an L in women’s.

The batting glove should be tight to the hand but still comfortable. Loose gloves can cause slippage, gloves that are to tight will have impact on the movement.


There are two different materials that are being used the most in the production of batting gloves. There is a choice between leather and synthetic. Both of these materials offer different benefits.

For example the leather gloves, these can offer a more natural feel and more grip than the synthetic pair of batting gloves. In contrary, the synthetic gloves provide more comfort and flexibility and can be cleaned easier.

There are brands that create a mixture of both for their batting gloves. They use leather for the palms and make synthetic fingers for the maximum feel and flexibility.


There are a lot of options for batting gloves on the market with even more added features to fulfill more players in their needs.

Some of the gloves have an articulated thumb to provide more mobility. Some gloves offer pre-curved fingers to reduce the amount of bunched fabric underneath the knuckles. Some gloves offer extra protection in the form of extra padding in the palm. Other gloves have a custom-molded shield to put in the back of the glove to protect the hands against a pitch. And we can go on and on.

Wrist style

The wrist style of your batting gloves are just as important as the palm and finger material. A Velcro strap is a great option for quick adjustments. A disadvantage of the Velcro strap is that it gets dirty very easily. This will take away the effectivity of the strap.

Another style is sort of liked a taped wrist, these provide extra support in the wrist. This style does take away the mobility and flexibility of the wrists.

Finding the style that suits you best is a personal preference. Use this Buying Guide wisely to find your perfect pair and be ready for every pitch.