How to find the correct softball bat for youth players?

Are going to buy the first softball bat for a youth player? It's good to know everything about it so you get the right bat for your needs. If you need a youth fastpitch softball bat or a youth slowpitch softball bat, it's good to know what to look for. After reading this guide you'll know more about the features of a softball bat like the materials or the different styles.

One of the first experiences you have with the game is buying a youth softball bat. Make sure you’re swinging a bat with the right size.

Before you start off with the season, there are three important things which come to mind when choosing a softball bat. These three things are length, weight and drop.  All of these three factors are affecting your swing, make sure you know what you’re looking for in each design.


The right length in a softball bat is just as important as the right size in a glove and cleats. Below you can find three different ways to measure if you’ve selected the right size.

  • Place the knob of the bat at the center of your chest and extend the barrel out towards your fingertips. It’s the right size if you can touch the end of the barrel with your fingertips.
  • Place the knob of the bat flat against the middle of your chest. Face the bat outwards in front of you. If you can reach and grab the barrel of the bat, then it should be the right size for you.
  • Put the bat vertically against your leg. The bat should reach your mid-hip for the right size, if not you should adjust it to the right size where it reaches your mid-hip.

Bat weight

The weight of the bat varies between different models, it’s also up to your personal preferences. The bat weight is in proportion with your strength. A stronger player can probably swing a heavier bat, where an other player goes for a quicker swing. The goal is to keep your swing as level as possible, so no dips during the swing.

A very common problem amongst the youth players is that they try to swing a bat which is too heavy. Swinging with a bat which is too heavy causes the hands of the player to drop during the swing, this takes away effectiveness from the swing.

To figure out if the weight selection is right for you is to hold the bat in one hand and extend your arm for 30 seconds. If you manage to keep the bat extended without dropping it, you should be able to swing it properly.

If you don’t have a bat ready to hold, try it with a can of beans which weighs 16 oz, or use four sticks of butter. The weights of these are similar to a bat with a -10 drop. The physics are not absolutely identical but it is still a good indication to see if you can handle the weight.


The so-called drop is the difference between the weight and the length of the bat. A bat with a smaller drop will indicate that it is a heavier bat. Try to take the length and weight numbers that you’ve used before to find a bat with the similar numbers. This makes you feel comfortable because you have already used these measurements.

At last, keep an eye on the budget. When your child is still growing and will outgrow the bat, don’t go over the top. There are numerous options in our stock available for different budgets with great quality.

Finding the right softball bat is an important part of the game. With these tips in the back of your head you can make sure that your chosen bat will rack up those home runs.


When your bat grip is letting loose or you just want a different style, simply change the bat wrap yourself! It's simple job that really makes something different of your bat. You can also apply pine tar of Gorilla Gold to enhance the grip. Change the bat taper or use Prohitter to get a better hold of the bat. If you want to train your swing you can put a bat weight around the bat to make your swing faster.