How to pick the right baseball and softball turf shoes?

The right baseball/ slowpitch softball or fastpitch softball turf shoes are essential when you want enough grip and don't want to slip when training. But do you need a high or low pair of shoes? This guide will help you decide when your looking for new turf shoes.

Wearing the right pair of shoes can help you to improve at your best during every training. You can go with molded or metal cleats to take it away but these don’t come in handy when training on artificial turf.

Turf cleats are shoes for baseball and softball but they have a rubber nub or tread pattern instead of spikes. This gives them more of a sneaker look. They sit really comfortable and provide more traction and grip on artificial turf. Therefore these type of cleats are best for playing and training on artificial turf.

Why turf cleats?

There are three main reasons why you should wear these while training on artificial turf.

  • More traction on the field
  • Prevent causing damage to the playing field
  • The safety of a player

Rule number one is to never wear metal cleats on artificial turf. This can cause great damage to the field and make it unplayable in the future. These spikes work by puncturing the ground for grip and traction. Natural grass can absorb this way better and recover naturally.

Also, the artificial turf is more shallow than natural grass. So spikes have less surface to dig into. The turf cleats have their shorter nubs and tread pattern that require less depth for the perfect traction. This makes them the ideal cleat for artificial turf.

Wearing turf cleats can also prevent injuries for yourself. The improved traction that the cleats provide can help you control your movements better such as stopping and turning.

What are Turf Trainers?

Players can also opt for turf trainers. These trainers have a less aggressive nub or tread pattern and can also be more comfortable than turf cleats. Trainers are a great option for practice off the field and training sessions such as batting practice and other pre-game warmups. Turf trainers are also popular amongst coaches.

How do I choose?

Before buying a pair of turf cleats or trainers, there are a few things that’ll have impact on the final decision.

The fit

Just like when going for regular baseball or softball cleats, these should fit snug and nice to your feet. A little room in the toe is important, otherwise you will get blisters. Look at it from a different perspective. Fit these just as you would fit your favorite sneaker or running shoe.


Most of the turf cleats offer a low-top design. This increases the maneuverability but decreases the ankle support. For more ankle support, try to go for a mid-top turf cleat.

When trying on turf cleats, remember to wear your practice socks. This helps you determine the overall fit better.