How do I find a good baseball outfielder’s glove?

Do you need a new baseball glove because your old one is damaged? Or did you switch positions from infield to outfield? The right glove will certainly help you to improve your defensive game and help the team to get those wins! This guide will help you to know more about the different features a glove can have.

An outfielder plays a central role in the team by being the last defensive line. Be ready with the right equipment for when those flyballs are coming at you.

Outfielders need their own sort of glove, just like pitchers and catchers. As the last defensive line they need a glove with the correct webbing, amount of padding and length to snatch those deep struck balls out of the air.


The speed of a deep ball is enough to leave a mark on your hand. Therefore having the right amount of padding is essential on this position. When the temperature starts dropping the damage will be even more. The extra support in this glove is located in the palms and the finger areas.


Outfielders are not known for their easy outs, they are known for their diving catches and high jumps. This is the reason that the pros go for a larger glove with a “trap web” style.

This kind of web is longer and way deeper than any other types of webbing. The longer the glove, the more reach an outfield player will get. The depth of the web will help securing the ball even more after a catch. A Trap Web also closes faster than other web styles. Because outfielders need to squeeze the glove fast to make sure that the ball doesn’t pop back. Therefore this web style is more flexible.


There are youth sized and adult sized outfield glove. A youth glove is suited for players aged 12 and under. The size is usually between 12 and 12.5 inch. All of these gloves come with a strap, pull the strap on the back off the hand for the perfect fit.

Adult sized gloves are for players aged 13 and up. The sizes are usually between 12.5 and 12.75 inch. These are the largest gloves on the field and will give the player the most reach advantage.

Having the right glove is key. Use this buying guide wisely on your journey to find the right outfield glove. The main things to look at are the webbing and sizing. Take your time on this quest, colors and looks are personal preference.


To get the most out of your baseball glove there are multiple glove accessories available to maintain your glove. Use a glove break in kit to break in your glove or glove conditioner to enhance the life of the leather.