Do I need a softball fielding face guard ?

Do you see some players wear a fastpitch or slowpitch softball fielding mask and you're curious if you should start wearing one too? This guide will learn you more about the features and why you should weare a faceguard. Keep on reading to find out more!

A fielding faceguard is not required but more and more leagues are starting to require it. This faceguard is required for the infielders and pitchers.

Why are these faceguards so important?

Some players might think that they look stupid, but there are more pros than cons in this one.

First of all we have the safety. The second one is confidence. This is a very good piece of equipment for youth and starting players. They do not have to worry about getting hit in the face and can folly focus on the game. The faceguard can decrease the amount of nerves and getting more and more confidence on the field.


Protecting your face stays an important factor during the game. But age and positions play a great role in whether you have to wear one or not. They are mostly worn by younger players, but infielders and pitchers wear them as well, because they are close to the ball.

Most of the leagues have started to require a faceguard on the diamond. So when you are collecting all your gear, make sure that a faceguard is required.


A faceguard can be made out of two types of materials. The first one is metal, the second option of faceguard to go for is plastic.

A metal faceguard is more durable and are likely to last a couple of seasons. But a plastic faceguard is a better option for youth players. They might grow out of these and it is better to switch to the metal option once they don’t grow anymore.

There are two options regarding the size of a faceguard. The youth size is suited for players till the age of 12. The adult size is best for players aged 13 and up. The adjustable strip gives the option to make it really fit tight. Most of the models come with a padded chin cup and padding along the forehead for extra comfort. There is also an option with extra padding along the side-frame.