What is Baseball5?

In recent years a new version of Baseball has been introduced. It's called Baseball5. It is a new variant that is very fun and easy to practice for everyone. In addition, it is already practiced professionally and special equipment is available for it! Are you curious about what this variant is and what equipment you need to play it? Then read on!

In 2017, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) launched a new project for a new urban version of baseball/softball. This is a new five-on-five discipline where only a ball is a requirement to play the game. The game is based on the "four corners" game that was born on the streets of Cuba. 

Game Explanation/Rules

The rules of Baseball5 remain based on the principle of baseball. After the ball is put into the field, the goal is for the player to make the round past the bases as quickly as possible. There will be a switch between the teams after 3 outs and after 5 innings there is a final score.

Baseball 5 can be played on almost any surface. The playing field is 21 by 21 meters and the bases are in a square, just like in baseball. In addition, the bases are also in a square of 13 by 13 meters. If you do not have that much space available you can always make the field smaller.

Baseball 5 is played with a small rubber ball, but you could also use a tennis ball as an alternative.

There are several rules that apply to Baseball 5. Below are 5 basic rules, you can also click on this link in which all the rules are explained. You can also watch a video via this link about the Baseball5 rules.

Rule 1

  • You do not need any equipment. All you need is a ball. You hit and catch with your bare hands.

Rule 2

  • Baseball 5 is played with teams of 5 players. The teams can consist Men and Women or mixed. The game lasts for 5 innings.

Rule 3

  • Each team has the opportunity to be able to score as many runs as possible per stroke turn, but at 3 outs the teams must switch. After both teams have had one turn an inning is over.

Rule 4

  • When is a ball out? A ball is out in the following points:

Catch ball

  • When you catch the ball before it has touched the ground at least once.


  • Tapping a runner with what you have in your hand when the runner is not on a base.


  • When the player is holding the ball and touches the base where the runner is headed

Foul ball

  • There are several situations where a foul ball applies. Please refer to the attached document which contains all the rules of the game.

Foot out of batting box

  • If, while hitting the ball, the player has one or two feet outside the batter’s box.​

Rule 5

  • A batted ball must always touch the ground: beyond the line 3 feet from home plate or before it is caught. Otherwise, you are out.



The various advantages over regular baseball. Is that the game can be played in almost any location? For example, they often play on squares and fields in the neighborhood where people live and on sports complexes. The players need almost no equipment. All they need are throwing boards and a ball. This increases the ease of playing this activity. The game is very suitable for schools because it allows schools to learn the basics of baseball and softball in an easy way. The game is played on a compact playing field that requires little space for the game, the teams are small and therefore the game is fast and dynamic. Still looking for the necessary equipment? We have some plates and balls available!


It is very easy too play Baseball5. You only need some throwdown plates and a Kenko Baseball5 Ball. The official Baseball5 ball is a yellow hollow natural rubber ball. Because of the material of the ball, you won't get hurt while hitting the ball. We have a Baseball5 combo deal in our product range that provides you with everything that you need to play the game. This set contains 12 official Baseball5 game balls, a set of throw down bases and a Forelle/Rawlings ball bucket to help you carry all the balls around!


There are different baseball5 balls available. At first you can play the games with the official Baseball5 game ball or train with the official Baseball5 training balls. We also have the equipment to play regular baseball. We have a big range of products in stock. Have a look on our website and you will definitely find something what fits to your needs. If you have any questions you can also reach out to our customer service. We can’t wait to help you, so that you can play baseball!