Which batting tee is the right one for me?

Do you want to improve your training and need some tools to do that? Did you consider to buy a baeball / softball batting tee? A batting tee is a good tool to help you practice your swing. When reading this guide you'll more about the features of a batting tee and you'll know better what to look for!

Adding a batting tee into your practice equipment could really upgrade your hitting skills.

Hitting of a batting tee is not flashy, not modern and not even hard to do. But it sure is one of the most effective and productive training exercises for any level of hitter. This piece of training equipment is perfect to focus on the mechanics of swinging. By repeating this constant movements of hitting from the tee, your muscle memory increases in strength.

Hitting off of a batting tee is also a type of training that can be done on your own. This means that you can put in those extra hours to master your swing mechanics. A batting tee is also perfect to break-in a new bat, especially a wooden one. The ball keeps hitting the same spot on the ball, this causes you to really get the feel for your bat and to find the sweet spot.

Now before heading to our website for a batting tee, please keep in mind that these factors determine the type of batting tee needed for your needs.


Try to look for a batting tee that can withstand a couple of accidental hits. Who wants a tee that breaks after a couple of mishits? Exactly. Most of the batting tees use a heavy-duty rubber or a combination of metal and rubber for a longer lifespan.


Batting tees can sometimes cause wear and tear damage to bats, especially wooden bats. Over time it’s possible that the hard plastics on the tee can chip away at wood bats when they make accidental contact during a swing. Try to go for rubber tee tops or a bristle as a ball holding mechanism. Flexible rubber is also a great option.


A batting tee that can be height adjustable is perfect, most of the models have this feature already. The height adjustments pictures different pitches during the game. Not every pitch will be down the middle. Therefore being able to adjust the height to practice different pitches is a great training exercise.

Base Design

There are two different types of bases, either a solid base or a tri-pod design. For you it is important to choose a tee that will stay upright when making contact with it. If a batting tee has a weak base or too much flex, you spend more time in picking it up than actually swinging. So try to go for a tee with a stable base and enough weight to withstand your swings. You can also use additional weights to improve the steadiness of the tee.