How to choose the correct softball batting gloves?

Do you have a lot of tension in your hands when swinging your softball bat? You might want to try some fastpitch softball batting gloves or slowpitch softball batting gloves. These gloves will provide you with more grip and will help you to hit those homeruns!

Batting gloves help the player to get better results in the batter’s box. A batter wants to be making solid contact with the softball while swinging at maximum power and control. The batting gloves provides more grip to the player while swinging and making contact.

Batting gloves also provide more comfort to your game. Here you can read everything of what to look for in a pair of batting gloves.

Why would you wear a pair of batting gloves?

A batting glove provides more grip on a wooden bat or a metal bat. It also decreases the amount of sweat that goes on the bat while swinging under pressure. By holding a tight and controlled grip, your results improve when stepping on the plate.

The batting gloves also give a player protection in some type of way. They can absorb the vibration that comes from the bat after hitting the ball. They can also reduce the chance of getting blisters throughout the season.

The batting gloves also offer protection during making runs and sliding into bases. Sliding can often cause friction burns. Protect your hands as you’ll need them to hit those homers.


The size that suits you best depends on the length of your hand. The length is measured from the base of your palm, all the way to the tip of your middle finger on your dominant hand.

Below you can find the sizing chart in sizes connected to inches. 

Batting gloves that are created for softball players are designed to better fit a woman’s hand.

The batting gloves should be snug but still comfortable. When you wear loose batting gloves, it can cause them to slip off your hand. Gloves that are too tight can reduce the movement in your hand.


There are two different materials that are used for the pal of the batting gloves. The materials are Leather and Synthetic. Both of these also offer different advantages.

A pair of leather batting gloves offers a more natural feel and give more grip to the batter. While synthetic batting gloves offer more comfort and flexibility to the player. Another advantage is that synthetic gloves are easier to clean.

There are manufacturers that create batting gloves with a leather palm and synthetic fingers for the perfect balance.


There are a lot of different options to choose from in batting gloves. Some of them have an articulated thumb, which adds more mobility for the player in the glove. Also a glove with pre-curved fingers has a natural curve. This lessens the amount of bunched fabric underneath the knuckles while holding the bat.

There are also multiple gloves that put safety first. A few styles have a bit of extra padding in the palm of the glove. The padding will absorb the vibrations after hitting the ball. Others will have a hand shield which is custom made. This will protect your hands from wild pitches.

Wrist Style

The wrist style is an important factor in the batting gloves. Velcro allows a proper fit and easy adjustments at the plate.

Also batting gloves that simulate having taped wrists will help some players feel like they are having more support. Keep these features in mind when shopping through our batting glove section, find the correct ones and get ready to hit them out of the park.