How to find the right softball gloves for infielders?

If you're thinking about to buy yourself a new softball glove, it's important to know all the features of a good glove. When looking for a new slowpitch softball glove or a fastpitch softball glove, it's good to know what to look for. This guide will help you to learn more about these features and learn what to look for when buying a new softball infielders glove.

It is important for every softball player to have a glove that covers all your needs. For infielders, these needs are making quick ball transfers and having complete control of the ball. To select the right glove, you need to know about the differences between pocket depth, sizing and web design.

Pocket Depth

Softball gloves often have larger pockets than baseball gloves. This is because the ball size is different. But the pocket of a softball glove is more shallow to achieve much quicker ball transfers.

Web Design

The majority of softball players prefer to play with a closed web. The reason behind this is that a closed web gives a more secure catch of the ball. This also allows quicker transfers. Quicker transfers are needed in softball because the field dimensions don’t change throughout playing levels. So there are faster players which are running shorter distances. This gives the defending team less time to control and throw the ball.


Because of the transfer time and quick releases, the average infielder’s glove is often the smallest on the field. This gives the player an advantage in grabbing the ball quickly out of the glove and having a smoother transfer. This is even more important in Fastpitch softball, this is because they have shorter baselines.

The size of a softball is 11 inch. So a fastpitch infielder’s glove is often sized between 10 inch and 11.5 inch for youth players. Players that are aged 13 and up are often playing with a glove sized between 11.5 inch and 12.5 inch.

When playing slow pitch you’ll need a bigger glove because the ball that is used here is 12 inch. So an infielder’s glove will often be sized between 11 inch and 12.5 inch for youth players, while players aged 13 and up play with a glove sized between 12 inch and 12.5 inch.

Adult players in the rec leagues usually play with a glove size between 12 inch and 13 inch.


Just like the outfielder’s gloves, infielders can choose too. There are a variety of leathers that all contain a different level of stiffness, different break-in time and life expectancy. The synthetic leather break-in time is much easier and shorter than full grain and steerhide leather, these two are premium leathers. The synthetic leather gloves don’t last as long as these premium materials. Pigskin and cowhide leather are in the middle of the quality table. These break-in pretty easy and last longer than the synthetic glove.

The right glove is still up to the player’s decision. You have to be comfortable with the fit and style of the glove. Keep the factors above in mind and you’ll find your perfect glove easily.


To enjoy your glove to the fullest it's important to carry out maintenance on you glove. Your glove needs a little love from now and then too! There are lots of different items that you can use to extend the life of your glove. At first there are tools to help you break in your glove. When broken in there are supplements like glove gel or conditioner to treat the leather of the glove. When a lace is broken you can self fix the glove with a relacer kit. Never underestimate the importance of glove maintenance! It will surely extend the life of your glove.