How do I buy a neck roll for my shoulderpad?

A neckroll is an important piece of equipment that will prevent neck injuries when playing American Football. It's most important that the neckroll fits correctly and is suited for your shoulderpad. If you don't know where to start, keep on reading and you might learn something new!

Neck rolls, also known as cowboy collars, were often worn in the 1980s and 1990s. Players who wore these were often looked upon as players who would run through anything. The neck collar made them look even bigger while breaking through offensive lines. The popularity of the neck roll has decreased throughout the years. But the protection they provide could make a huge difference at the right time. Neck rolls are still used by players of all ages and are designed to help avoid neck injuries by stabilizing the neck area.


Neck rolls have a large amount of padding, this helps to protect the neck and it supports the helmet. This decreases the risk of so called “stingers”. A stinger is a feeling that is being created when a player twists their head too fast. This can happen during line battles and tackles.

Some neck rolls come with more padding than other models, giving you a choice to go with the bulky ones or with the slimmer neck rolls.

The bulkiest design is made with foam padding that needs to be attached to your shoulder pads. The padding wraps around your neck so it provides nearly 360-degrees of protection to your neck. This bulky neck roll is great for the player who is looking for the maximum helmet support.

The slimmer neck rolls sit right under the collar of the jersey. These contour the neck and are almost invisible. These will still offer protection for a player who needs the most head movement possible. The slimmer neck rolls are suited for the skilled position players such as running backs, defensive backs and wide receivers.


Finding the right size in your neck roll is quite simple. Neck rolls are meant to be attached to your shoulder pads and come in youth and adult sizes. Some of the neck rolls even come in larger adult sizes.

The one thing to pay attention to is if your shoulder pads support the neck roll you are looking for. Some brands design their neck rolls to fit on their shoulder pads as well. So before buying, read the description.

Also, certain neck guards are not for every type or every position player. If you want to have more head movement, you should go for the slimmer neck roll. If you need more support, you should go for the thicker neck roll.