How to choose the correct pair of football gloves?

Are your current American Football gloves torn apart or do you want a second pair of gloves? Via this guide you'll learn more about the different football gloves for each position and all of the features of a glove.

In every game of tackle or flag football, the gloves are a great way to express yourself and take on a certain style. Gloves for flag football specially need very good grip while tackle gloves often are equipped with padding.

To gain more protection as a Lineman or more control as a Running Back, add a pair of football gloves to your game equipment.

The gloves provide more grip during the game and protect your hands and fingers from the weather. The Forelle Buying Guides will provide you with enough information and tips to opt out for the right pair of gloves.

Receiver Gloves

These type of gloves are specifically designed for the skilled positioned type of player. Think about Tight Ends, Running Backs, Receivers and Quarterbacks that need the maximum amount of grip. The Defensive Back position is also suited for these type of gloves, while they can turn pass breakups into interceptions and eventually into touchdowns. The player that fields kickoffs and punts can wear these gloves to gain big on the returns.

The receiver gloves are often made with:

A breathable and thin material for maximum movement and flexibility during the game.
Sticky palms that reach around the fingers and thumb to provide extra grip for the player.
A little bit of padding in the backhand that gives more protection and absorbs impact from other players.

Lineman Gloves

Because these positioned players are always in the trenches, they need more padding and protection than other positions. These gloves absorb the impact from hits but also offer protection when being stepped on during plays. There are also half finger lineman gloves in our assortment, this allows centers to get a better feeling of the ball.

Lineman gloves are typically made with:

A firm and thick material to provide cushioning to the hands.
A reinforced interior that helps to defend your hands, fingers and knuckles in the hardest hits.
Heavy padding on the palm and backhand for extra support of the hands.
A bigger strap for additional wrist support for increased stability and a limited range of motion.

Some american football lineman gloves also contain fingersave. Fingersave means that all fingers except the thumb contain extra protection that prevents the fingers from bending to far backwards. This is a very usefull feature for especially defensive players.

Important features

Always try to go for a bit of ventilation, you can spot this on the glove easily. Try to look for a ventilated back and mesh between the fingers and around the knuckles. Sweaty palms can make the difference between a touchdown and an incomplete pass.

The material of the glove is also an important factor. The material needs to be synthetic and have a lot of stretch. The glove should have a reinforced-seam pattern or a seamless pattern. This provides a better fit for the player. These patterns also have an increased durability in different weather conditions.

What is my size?

There are two different methods in order to find your right size. Measure your hands in both of these methods because some brands might vary in measurement methods.

  • The first method is measuring by length. Grab a ruler or some measuring tape to measure your hand from the bottom of the palm to the tip of your middle finger of your dominant hand. Because this is the hand you’ll be using the most.
  • The second method is by measuring the circumference just below the knuckles on your dominant hand.

Keep in mind, the American brand measurements are in inches. So if you measure in centimeters, divide this number by 2.56 to get your measurements in inches.

After collecting your measurements, check the size charts from the brands that you like the most. The youth gloves are suited for players that are in the Pee Wee leagues all the way through Junior High. Players can transition to the adult glove sizes once they reach High School.

Please always keep in mind to check the rules of your league about the use of coloured gloves. In some leagues it's prohibited to use coloured gloves and only black or white gloves are allowed. 

Trying on the gloves is the best way to determine your size. The brands may run smaller or larger. By trying on the gloves you’ll find the perfect fit for you to lead you and your team to victory.