What is a good football ball for your need of use?

Even if it's a football ball to throw in the garden or a new game ball to play your games with. It's the best to know everything you need to know about an American Football ball before just buying one. 

It is important to select a football that matches your level, style of play and required size.

A football is probably the most important item in the sport. It can be used by athletes on the field or by anyone else during a picnic or in the backyard. Please keep in mind that not every football has been made from the same quality or with the same purpose. Therefore we have created this Buying Guide to buy the football suited for your desires.

The best known American Football ball in the world is most probably the NFL Duke. "The Duke" NFL American Football ball was named in honor of the game's pioneering legend and NY Giants owner, Wellington Mara. Back when Mara was a young boy taking in the game from the sidelines, the Giants players dubbed him "The Duke" and years later, the NFL game ball took on this nickname too. Since the establishment iof the NFL every match has been played with The Duke. 

An other very popular ball is the Wilson AFVD. The AFVD is the official ball used in the GFL. GFL stands for the German Football League.

In Flag Football, there is no official ball that is used. In a lot of flag football leagues. The WIlson GST Official Game ball is considered one of the best balls to use during Flag Football.


The material of the football can have a great impact on the durability and the life span of the football. The three main materials that are used in creating footballs are foam, synthetic leather, also known as rubber, and genuine leather. Each of these materials is designed for different purposes.

Training balls

There are also multipe different footballs that are used for training. For example the Wilson WTF1240ID is a ball without laces. This will help you throw the ball better and faster without having to find the laces every time before you throw. Other training balls are weighted that will help you throw the ball further and amke your arms stronger. or the SKLZ Stronghold that is designed to mimic a defender stripping the ball through targeted resistance.

Foam footballs

A football made out of foam is very lightweight and cheap. The material is so soft that they are perfect for children who are learning the basics of the game. Foam Footballs are also suited for a small yard near vehicles or windows. A foam from higher quality can also be used for recreational games. However these ball don’t tend to live very long, they are still very popular because of the easy replacements and affordability.

Synthetic leather and rubber footballs

These are the two materials that are more durable and effective than the foam footballs. The prices are also great because you don’t have to go all in for it. These two types of materials live longer and are way more affordable than genuine leather footballs like the Wilson GST Prime. The texture of the ball is designed to provide more grip, therefore this material is the ideal training equipment for every kind of player. These materials are more resistant to certain weather conditions than their genuine counterparts. So the chances of a swollen football after leaving it in harsh conditions reduces a lot.

Genuine Leather footballs

Footballs made from genuine leather have the best quality to price ratio. Leather footballs have a sticky feeling. This feeling is created by the tanning process that is used to treat the leather. The material is very durable, that’s why you have to invest in a football like this. A leather football is often used for games or exclusive practice plays. So please use your football wisely to keep it’s lifespan as great as possible.

Don’t forget to leave the lining and bladder out when going for a football. A foam football does not have these options available. It is also personal preference but when choosing a synthetic or genuine leather football, go for a football that has multi-layered lining and a butyl bladder. These two extras help to retain the football’s shape and structure better for a longer lifespan.

Sizing of the ball

After choosing the right material, it is now time to choose the right size of your football. While you should always measure your throwing hand and determine the right size from there, the easiest way to pick the correct size is by looking at the average age of the player. Most of the footballs are divided into four categories.

Pee Wee Footballs: Suited for players with the ages from 6 to 9
Junior Footballs: Suited for players with the ages from 9 to 12
Youth Footballs: Suited for players with the ages from 12 to 14
Official Footballs: Suited for players with the ages from 14 and up

Official Footballs are also approved at pro and collegiate levels.

How to prep your football

A thing that is often forgotten but not less important is that you have to prep you ball for every game or training. By prepping your ball you will extend the life of your football and you'll get to score more touchdowns with your favorite ball. By putting conditioner on the ball you enhance the tack of the ball and maintain the strength of the leather. You'll find football prep products via this link.

Now go out there and find your perfect football, you can always come to our showroom to feel the differences.