What is a good chinstrap for your helmet?

A chinstrap is mandatory for you football helmet to fit correctly and to stay in place. Keep on reading to find out all the features that are important when you're looking for an American Football chinstrap.

Your helmet needs to be ready for impact, so does your chinstrap. A chinstrap is also seen as one of the most important pieces of equipment in the sport. Because who wants flying helmets? That’s right, so look for a chinstrap with a good fit.

A good and well-fitting chin strap helps to improve the fit of your helmet and to maximize the protection in general.

Nowadays, chinstrap have added features like comfortable gel and more durable and adjustable straps. So before the season starts, go out there and look through this Buying Guide for the right information to strap yourself.


The straps are made out of nylon material that is sturdy enough to withstand all the action on the field, but still gives that great comfort and fit for every player.

The padding is often made form medical-grade foam or hypoallergenic foam that is removable. This makes it easier to wash and get the dirt and sweat out of it.

The shells are made out of impact-resistant polycarbonate to go through hit after hit.

Chin Strap hook-up styles

Depending on the style of your helmet, there are a number of different styles of hooking up the chin strap as well. Most of the chin strap models should be easy to attach to the helmet but some manufacturers use specific chin straps that are suited for a specific helmet, for example the Riddell SpeedFlex helmet. But most of the time you’ll just have to decide between the high and low hook-up style.

With the high hook-up, you will have to attached the two top straps to a snap button above the facemask. The two bottom straps will be put on a snap button below each earhole. With the low hook-up style you will have to put the two top straps on a snap button which is located on the cheeks of the helmet. The two top straps need to be attached in the same place, which is on a snap button below each earhole.


Chin straps are adjustable, so adjusting it to your personal preference is very easy. Some of the chin straps come in youth and adult sizes. Other chinstraps are one-size-fits-all and are adjustable. Others come in sizes like Small, Medium and Large. If you are not sure about your helmet size being a youth or adult, check the inside or the backside of the helmet. You’ll find more information here.

Mounting methods

Chinstraps can be mounted on the helmet with different styles. The first style is the snap on. With chin strap buckles the straps will be easily snapped on the side of the helmet. Pull the strap to snap off and push the buckles to snap on. A different way is by a chin strap ratchet. The ratchet will be screwed on the side of the helmet and the chin strap will be put through the ratchet. With a simple mechanism you can set the straps tighter or loosen them up. Both of these are good ways to lock on your chin strap properly to your helmet.

Always check beforehand if the chinstrap is suited for your helmet. If this is the case, you can look for a size of chinstrap that suits your level of play. After this final step, you’re ready to get out there without worrying about your equipment.