How do I choose good football compression gear ?

Are you looking to buy an American Football compression shirt or pants? The guide below will help you understand the key features of good compression clothes and what to look for.

Football compression gear is not all about style. It is also to keep your muscles warm and to keep yourself cool and calm on the field. It also keeps you protected as some of the brands use extra padding in the compression shirts.

Just like all other pieces of equipment, compression gear has its own purpose. It keeps the muscles in place and lessens the vibrations during plays and other activity. It feels tight to the skin but does not cause less mobility. Some of the compression gear products feature a moisture-wicking material. This helps to keep you dry and cool underneath your pads.

There are two standard options when it comes to compression gear: integrated and non-integrated. The integrated compression gear has padding sewn into their structure. These shirts keep the muscles warm and also provide some extra protection. The non-integrated compression gear doesn’t have the extra padding. The non-integrated still wicks the sweat and keeps the muscles warm.

Integrated compression gear

The integrated compression gear is very lightweight and offers a lot of protection to the player. This is like an all-in-one option, you’ve got the compression shirt or shorts with the padding already attached. The added padding adds more protection but does not lessen the amount of comfort and mobility. Well known pieces of integrated compression gear are girdles, shirts, sleeves, tights and pants. Each piece will have the padding at a different location. Make sure you purchase an item with the padding on the desired location on your body.

Non-integrated compression gear

Non-integrated compression gear can be a comfortable option to wear under your pads. The compression gear will lessen muscle vibrations and keep the muscles warm. It might also prevent the rubbing and chafing from the pads on the body. It also provides against burns from the artificial turf during practice or games. The most well-known compression gear options are compression tops, sleeves, tights and shorts.

You want to look for gear that uses the moisture-wicking technology and is breathable, this keeps the player cooler during practices and games.

Compression gear for the lower temperatures

For tackle practice, the integrated compression gear is the best option. For just the running drills you can use the non-integrated compression gear. But when it starts to get really cold, you should adapt your gear to the temperatures. This kind of gear can be worn underneath your padding and will keep you warm on the field. When shopping for a piece of cold-weather compression gear, always check the clothing label to see the thermal capabilities. These might vary amongst different brands.

Compression gear is the ideal option when you’re looking for something comfortable to wear underneath the padding or to keep you warm when it gets colder. Choose the gear that suits your needs best to get the best out of your performance during the season.