What kind of skull cap do you need?

A skull cap is an helpfull piece of equipment when you want to keep your American Football helmet liners as fresh as possible. It's also an hygienic option when you don't own your own helmet and borrow a helmet from the club.

A great solution for keeping sweat away from the helmet and from getting into your way. Imagine this, just a couple of seconds to make the last play. It is a tie and you are the chosen one for this play. You get the ball but can’t see anything because of the sweat blurring your vision. This won’t happen when you’re wearing a skull cap.

A skull cap fits perfectly around your head and fits easily underneath the padding of the helmet. They are made out of a thin, lightweight and breathable material to keep you cool and dry during games and practice.

A Skull cap is meant to keep you cool during the heat of the action. Most of the skull caps are made out of combination of an elastic material like spandex, and breathable materials like nylon and polyester.

You could also go for a Skull wrap. A skull wrap has the same idea as a cap, this goes around your head but has an open top design to give you more breathability and ventilation.

Most of the Skull caps are designed with a moisture-wicking technology that absorbs the sweat from your head to help you remain focused during the game. Also they are designed to provide some comfort so that they don’t irritate your skin.

Some of the skull caps have an odor-resistant treatment so that the smell of sweat stays away.

A skull cap is not just to keep your dry but can also help you with keeping long hair out of your eyes.

You’ve also got some skull caps that will keep you warm during the winter period. These will also have a moisture-wicking technology to keep the sweat away from your eyes.


There are skull caps on the market that provide an extra layer of protection. They have a layer of foam added to absorb a certain level of energy when hit. Other skull caps have gel pads placed around the head to absorb some energy. There also is a special technology which is soft and flexible, but will harden on impact.


You can always add some extra style with a skull cap. These come in different designs and colors to really flex out your gear.


Different skull caps come with different sizes. Some of them are one size fits all while others come in the sizes youth, teen or adult.

Now that you know what a skull cap is for and how it works, it’s time to take a look in our web shop to find the right one for you. Then it’s time to take it away on the gridiron.