Louisville WBVB271-WN Amish Veneer Birch - Forelle American Sports Equipment

Louisville WBVB271-WN Amish Veneer Birch

Art. nr. 38010338
€ 130,00
  • MLB Grade
  • Wood: Amish Veneer Birch
  • Finish:Natural handle/Wine barrel high gloss
  • Handle: 15/16"
  • Barrel: Medium
  • Turning Model: C271 (Brandon Phillips)
  • Cupped

Power and Flexibility
The strength of maple. The lightness and flexibility of ash. All in one bat.

Built Amish Strong
We cut our wood square, in the Amish style, and use the more precise vacuum-drying method to dry wood. This makes for stronger bats and a more satisfying “crack."


32 inch