Baseball/Softball Glove Accessories

Glove accessories are very important in the game of Baseball and Softball. First of all, when buying a new glove, these need to be broken in. A glove made of genuine leather might be stiff. Products that help remove stiffness and create the perfect form of the glove that you’re looking for are a glove locker kit or a glove mallet. Breaking in your glove is a time consuming process. You need to create that perfect fit for yourself in a completely new glove. A glove mallet is a small wooden stick with a ball-form at the end. You hit it into the pocket to create the perfect depth of your pocket. The Glove locker kit is a set that creates the perfect bend in the glove for catching the ball and making it close smoother.

Not just the inside of your glove needs protection. Think about scratches on the outside created by shoe spikes during travelling. Therefore it’s better to transport your glove in a glove case so it stays free from scratches.