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Infield & Pitchers Gloves

The infield positions require quick reaction times and deft glove work. Therefore, infield baseball gloves are smaller and often made of lighter materials. Second basemen use the smallest baseballs gloves. At 10-11 inches with small, shallow pockets, these gloves allow second basemen to transfer the ball to their throwing hand in the shortest amount of time possible; a key quality to have when trying to turn double plays. Players at third base and shortstop should use slightly longer baseball gloves, 11-12 inches, for greater range. Third base gloves have slightly deeper pockets and open webs, designed to snag those hard line drives that give third base it's nickname, the "hot corner".

Although any infielder glove will do for the pitcher, using a baseball glove with a closed web will help hide your grip on the baseball from the batter.