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Baum AAA PRO - Gold Edition Maple

Art. nr. 38300004


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Outperforming and outlasting since 1993. No need to go buy multiple pro grade wood bats per season that can break the week you buy them when you can MAKE THE SWITCH to Baum like nearly 20,000 others did just last year alone. The Baum Bat hits like wood, sounds like wood, and feels like wood but is much harder to break than a normal wood bat. 

  • End Cap, FeatherTop" more bat speed and control
  • Harder, durable outer coating
  • Updated knob, smoother blend
  • All materials hand-selected (best of the best)
  • Maximum verified performance (.50 BBCOR Certified)
  • Hardest one-piece solid core wood composite barrel on the market
  • Largest sweet spot
  • Exclusive Gold graphics
  • Limited edition production
  • "Atomic Crack" proprietary sound
  • “SynthCore” handle flex transfers power to barrel
  • New End Cap, “FeatherTop” more bat speed
  • “PermaWood” treated wood to lock in pop & durability
  • New “ActiveResin" (30% stronger)

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Baum AAA PRO - Gold Edition Maple
Art. nr. 38300004