Wood Baseball Bats

Forelle offers some great baseball gear, including a large choice in wood baseball bats, made from different kinds of timber. Included are ash wood bats, maple wood bats and maple composite bats, made from wood and composite materials. You can choose from some of the top baseball bat manufacturers like Easton, Louisville, Rawlings and DeMarini.

Not all wood bats are created equal..

Why choose a maple wood baseball bat?
Harder hitting surface. Maple is a very dense timber with greater surface hardness than ash. Many players believe maple wood bats gives them better performance. Maple is a closed grain timber, making it less prone to flake like ash bats. It is generally considered as more popular right now, driven by  MLB players using maple baseball bats.

Why choose an ash wood baseball bat?
Strong timber, lighter weight, ash is the strongest timber available. Ash has a flexibility that isn't found in other timbers. It tends to flex rather than break, which gives you a larger, more flexible sweet spot in terms of breakage. Due to ash being a lighter gross weight a wider range of larger barrel models can be produced.