Training Bats

Baseball/Softball Training Bats

These products are perfect for improving your contact and hits. They help build confidence for the younger players and improve strength and consistency for the adult players.

For example the Rawlings Lite-Stik Training Bat, which has a 1” undersized barrel with a neoprene “sweet spot”. Or you can go with the Louisville P89B, a 28” two-handed or one-handed training bat for hitting drills.

All of these training bats have unique features, make sure to check them all out and pick the one that fits your drills perfectly.

Youth Bats
Youth Bats are smaller than Adult bats. The Youth bat sizing starts off at 27”. They also have a better length to weight ratio while these Youth bats are often lighter. The sizes of a Youth baseball bat tend to go up to 32”.

Youth Bats are made of Aluminum or Composite . These bats are easy to use for youngsters.

The Tee ball Bats start of at a size of 24” and goes up to 26”. These are made of durable alloy.

Take a look at the wide range of Youth Bats that we’ve sorted out for you.