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SKLZ Quickster Rep Net 7'

Art. nr. 34820011
€ 145.00

Practice your ball game skills with the SKLZ Quickster Net. It only takes 90 seconds to assemble before you can practice with the full 7' x 7' net. Unlike other nets, the Quickster Rep Net does not droop or sag. A ball collection funnel attached to the net directs all of your balls into a bucket. This allows you to do more repetitions and have a more-constructive practice. It also means that the ball can stay in play. The SKLZ baseball net includes a back screen which will absorb all of your hardest hits and, more importantly, protect property. It also has a bottom net to prevent run-away balls from becoming lost.

The SKLZ Quickster Net features steel and fiberglass Tension-Tie poles, strong two-ply netting, easy-connection tubing and high-strength corner joints. It also comes with a backstop and four steel ground stakes, so you can set up the SKLZ Quickster Net in various locations.You can carry it in the carry bag that comes with the net. The SKLZ Quickster Net is ideal for anyone looking to improve their baseball, softball or lacrosse game.

  • Ball collection funnel to collect all the balls into a bucket or bag
  • Great for baseball, softball, lacrosse, etc.
  • Keeps balls in play and protects property
  • Back screen absorbs hardest hits
  • Bottom net prevents run-away balls
  • Steel and fiberglass Tension-Tite poles and strong 2-ply netting
  • Easy-connection click-lock tubing and high-strength corner joints
  • Includes backstop, 4 steel ground stakes and carry bag
  • 7' x 7'
SKLZ Quickster Rep Net 7'
Art. nr. 34820011