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Jugs Free-Standing Cage (N8200+A5015+A5015)

Art. nr. 34080024
€ 2.125,00

This full-length sports cage requires no tools to assemble with patented Quick-Snap® connections, is fully enclosed, free-standing, and portable.

This Large 50' x 11' x 11' Sports Cage will fit comfortably in your backyard or on any practice field. 

•  Portable and Free-standing.
•  Frame and net included.
•  Sets up in less than one hour.
•  It can be used to practice a multitude of sports at the same time, including baseball, softball and golf, and can be set up in less than an hour.
•  This cage is unique in that it comes complete with both Dura-Tech 191-lb. Knotted Nylon and Golf-Mesh Nylon Netting.




Transport cost are on request. Equipment is too heavy to be shipped through regular channels. The salesteam will forward you a proforma.

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