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Helmet Maintenance

American Football Helmet Accessories - Maintenance & Hardware Sets

The right additional accessories can make a big difference on the gridiron. Dark or clear Football visors can give the players a competitive advantage on the field in various weather conditions. These football shields help protect the player against rays of sunlight or drops of rain. This way you’ll be kept in the game at all times. Please note that different countries and leagues know different rules about the use of tinted eyeshields. It is best to consult league regulations or ask the coach before ordering.

Servicing your helmet with the right materials and replacement part can greatly increase its lifespan. This category entails single items like helmet screws and loop straps to individual facemask hardware sets to complete boxed football helmet repair kits for a team’s general use. These include all the tools needed to replace helmet parts. 

To help coaches or equipment managers service player’s equipment we offer helmet pumps to make sure that helmet liners won't be punctiated. Liner insertion tools, Riddell quick-release hardware tools and t-nut tools make it ease to take apart and re-assemble helmets. In addition we offer various quick release hardware solutions for multiple Riddell helmet models.