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Chin Straps

American Football Chin Straps - Shop Helmet Straps for Riddell Schutt

By choosing the right American football chin strap you can get the optimal fit and protection out of your helmet. Nowadays chinstraps have multiple features like comfortable gel padding and durable straps that can be adjusted in length.

High hook-up
A lot of American Football shops ship helmets with the conventional soft shell chinstrap. A wide range of more comfortable products is available now. Depending on the helmet model there are multiple hook-up styles. The most conventional American football chin straps configurations are high and low. High hook-up American football helmet straps configurations snap on right above the facemask. The bottom two snap on right below the ear holes.

Low hook-up
Low hook-up configurations have you snap on the top section on the cheeks of your helmet. The bottom section connects below the ear holes.

Note that there are special youth chinstraps for helmets for kids.