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Face Masks

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Because of the various positions Forelle ships helmets without a facemask attached. By choosing the right face mask you protect your teeth and facial bones without hindering your performance on the gridiron.

Many helmets require their own special designed football mask range. For instance, A Riddell SpeedFlex helmet can only be equipped with an SF-facemask. A Riddell Speed or Foundation helmet uses S-facemasks. The Riddell Revolution uses G-facemasks. The Riddell 360 uses 360-facemasks. Various Schutt Helmets have their own dedicated Schutt facemask series.

The most universal system is the Z-bar facemask. All Rawlings and Adams helmets make use of this hardware system. Meaning that all Rawlings and Adams facemasks fit the Impulse, Impulse Plus, Tachyon, Quantum, Quantum Plus and A4 Helmets, as well as the Riddell VSR-4 and VSR-2Y. Originally Riddell’s Z-series were designed for these two helmets so naturally these football facemasks fit as well.