Forelle Steps Up to the Plate: Sponsoring NK Little League in 2024!

Forelle is thrilled to kick off a grand slam partnership as the official sponsor of NK Little League in 2024. This collaboration signifies more than just financial support; it embodies our passion for supporting young talent and the love for baseball within the community. With a legacy of excellence in sports, Forelle is proud to stand beside NK Little League, championing the values of teamwork, skill development, and sportsmanship. Join us as we embark on a season filled with exciting plays, unforgettable moments, and a shared dedication to the growth of youth baseball. Explore how Forelle's sponsorship is set to hit it out of the park for NK Little League in 2024!


What is the NK Little league?

The Dutch Little League Championship is the largest youth tournament of the year. It provides young baseball and softball players a wonderful opportunity to showcase their passion for the sport alongside peers, forge beautiful friendships, and gain fantastic experiences.

Little League Baseball and Softball is an originally international organization that organizes local youth baseball and softball leagues in the United States. The Little League program is for baseball and softball players aged 10 to 16.

In the Netherlands, they play competitions with their club teams. Additionally, they organize the Little League Program for enthusiastic kids. In the Netherlands, Little League is a regional training program for which you can individually register. Everyone is welcome!

The winning teams of the Dutch Little League Championship qualify for the European Championship. However, the Softball Seniors program has a different structure this year.

The winning teams of the European Championship get the fantastic opportunity to travel to the World Series in America, all expenses covered by the international Little League organization.

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Where and when is it this year?

In 2024, the Dutch Little League will be organized on May 18th, 19th, and 20th, during the Pentecost weekend.

This year, we will be hosted at three different locations:


All Softball leagues: BSC Almere
Littles and Junior Baseball: Hoofddorp Pioniers
Intermediates and Seniors Baseball: HSV Gryphons, Rosmalen.


Forelle will again be at two of the locations this year with our stand!

We will be providing all the games with baseballs and softballs!

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Forelle Steps Up to the Plate: Sponsoring NK Little League in 2024! - Forelle American Sports Equipment