Empowering Through Sport: Forelle and Gridiron Imports Foundation

In a move that promises to make a positive impact, we Forelle have teamed up with the Gridiron Imports Foundation to bring about transformative change through sports. This collaboration aims to provide opportunities, equipment, and support to communities in need, fostering a love for sports and empowering individuals through the joy of play.

The Gridiron Imports Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the international growth of American football and changes lives by helping American football players from around the world attain opportunities to play football and pursue their education at the high school and college level in the United States.

In this post we will tell you a little bit more about the organization and their goals.


What is the Gridiron Imports foundation?

The growth of American football and interest in American football outside of the United States is not a new phenomenon nor is the ever increasing quality of the actual football being played in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. The reality is that today, the rest of the world is producing more and more American football players capable of playing at the high school level and earning a scholarship to go to college and more than ever before make it all the way to the professional level. The Gridiron Imports Foundation has created a pathway to access this opportunity.

Gridiron Imports want to support their cherished members within the Gridiron Imports family, they want to help them with a comprehensive program aimed at alleviating various financial burdens and fostering opportunities for aspiring athletes. They recognize the importance of extending a helping hand to their athletes, enabling them to navigate the complex landscape of sports, education, and career development.

Their commitment begins with a dedicated financial assistance initiative, designed to ease the burdens associated with crucial aspects of an athlete's journey. From insurance coverage to essential school and travel expenses, the aim is to provide tangible support, ensuring that the athletes can focus on their passion for football without the undue stress of financial constraints.


Understanding the aspirations of international football players bound for college or high school, they introduced a groundbreaking program offering free recruiting assistance and educational consulting. Tailored for qualified athletes, this initiative aims to guide them through the intricate process of securing scholarships, opening doors to a world of educational opportunities.

They are excited to announce the creation of affordable American football showcases. These events will serve as platforms for potential prospects to showcase their skills, connect with American coaches, and pave the way for a successful football career. By bringing these showcases to locations in or near their home countries, they aim to globalize the access to opportunities and unearth hidden talents on a global scale.

As part of the commitment to provide unparalleled exposure and networking opportunities, they have developed an innovative approach to college recruiting camps. Each June, the Gridiron Imports family members will embark on a cost-effective tour of these camps in the United States. This initiative not only allows their athletes to demonstrate their skills in person but also provides a unique chance for them to interact with college coaches directly, showcasing their scholarship

potential on a broader stage. The tours have helped international American football players earn hundreds of scholarship offers.


The hard work pays off

Gridiron Imports has propelled over 250 talented players into US high schools, colleges, and universities, including powerhouse programs like Michigan, Alabama, UCF, and Ivy League institutions. The program spans D1, D2, and D3 programs, with some players achieving success in the NFL.

Each athlete's journey is a testament to Gridiron Imports' transformative impact, serving as a gateway to American football excellence. From iconic fields like Michigan to spirited arenas at UCF, the program has played a crucial role in shaping individual success stories.

Gridiron Imports extends its influence globally, with close to 20 players currently making waves in the European League of Football. This international connection underscores their commitment to providing opportunities for players on a global scale.

Beyond being a recruitment program, Gridiron Imports serves as a bridge connecting passion to opportunity. From prestigious Ivy League institutions to the grand stages of the ELF, Gridiron Imports continues to shape the future of football one player at a time.


In 2024 Gridiron Imports together with Justin Fields and Christian Wilkins will tour in Europe starting in Milan on Friday the 15th of March. We will be there in Düsseldorf and in Leiden. Click the link for more info.

For Dusseldorf: https://www.flexworksports.com/fieldsandwilkinsfootballcampdusseldorf 
For Leiden: https://www.flexworksports.com/fieldsandwilkinsfootballcampleiden 

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