Helmet Combo Deals

Welcome on our helmet combo deal page! In this category we offer special helmet deals. These deals are perfect for a new team or club that's rapidly expanding in players! 

Search no further for the cheapest American Football helmets. 

You can make a mix from all Rawlings helmets/facemasks available

Please note that there are two different Rawlings helmet deals depending on the colours!

Place your orders before the stocks run out! 



Take advantage of this limited time offer and provide your team with new Riddell Speed or Riddell Foundation Helmets! 



You can choose from Speed and/or Foundation helmets in the size S, M, L or XL and ALL available colours.

The eligible face masks are: 

Riddell S2B-SP (R94921SP1)Riddell S2B-SW-SP (R94921SP2)Riddell S2BDC-SP (R94921SP3)Riddell S2BD-SW-SP (R94921SP4)Riddell S2EG-SW-SP (R94921SP5)Riddell S3BDU-SP (R94921SP6)Riddell S3BD-SP (R94921SP7)Riddell S2BD-SP (R94921SP8)Riddell S2EG-II-SP (R94921SP9)Riddell S2BDC-HT-LW (R94921SP10)Riddell S2BDC-TX-LW (R94921SP11)Riddell S3BD (R94975) Riddell S2EG-LW-V (94757LW-V)Riddell S2BDC-LW-V (94910LW-V)Riddell S2B-HS4 (961759)Riddell S2BD-HS4 (961914)Riddell S2EG-II-HS4 (961757)Riddell S2BDC-HS4 (961910)

We can also make special helmet offers for the following models:

Riddell SpeedFlex Diamond, Riddell SpeedFlex, Riddell Speed Icon, Riddell Foundation, Riddell Victor-I


To place an order or a quotation, please contact Teun Crijns via info@forelle.com or call via +31475334560. Always mention the requested sizes, colours and models.

Please note:

  • Prices are incl. VAT and excl. shipping.
  • The special offers lasts as long as stock is available.
  • The offer can't be combined with other discounts.


If you are an equipment purchaser for your club/team, we also have a special Team Buyer Program (TBP). This program offers discount up to 25%. The offers below are just a few examples of the offers that we can make.

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