About us

We’re thrilled you’re here—because we’re a lot alike, you and us. We share a passion for unique team sports. Sports that are not played by everybody else. Special sports.

As a third-generation family company, team sports have been our main game for over 70 years. We have always specialized in the equipment you won’t find at your local sports store. Since the mid-eighties we have focussed on American team sports. We have done our best to offer the most professional Baseball, Softball and American Football gear.

And this has been successful. Our long direct business experience with the United States has resulted in strong partnerships with the biggest brands. This enables you to find the widest range of equipment in Europe at very competitive prices. Because you and your team shouldn’t have to spend big to stay in the game.

A new 4000 m³ warehouse helps us to be a reliable online Baseball/Softball and Amercian Football supplier for teams and wholesale supplier for shops in all of Europe. In-house we offer service in Dutch, German, English, Bosnian and have French and Italian sales agents. If you prefer a physical shopping experience we welcome you to our brand new showroom in Roermond or sales point in Alphen aan den Rijn. 

About us - Forelle American Sports Equipment About us - Forelle American Sports Equipment