Custom Catcher Equipment

For some players it's hard to match their catcher equipment to their team colours. All-Star found a great solution for this problem. They came up with the MIXLAB. MIXLAB is a part of All-Stars website where you can design your own custom designed catching gear in the colours you want. So make sure to personalise your equipment and be the coolest on the field!

It's also a great solution for players who want to stand out and create their own awesome equipment. With MIXLAB it’s possible to custom built your complete catcher set! So personalize your chest protector, customize your catcher helmet, individualize a catcher mask or give your new leg guards a custom design in any colour combination you can think of! There are more than 30 colour combinations possible. It’s also possible to put a camouflage colour on your specialized gear. All star has 4 different camouflage colours: black, navy, royal and scarlet. To add something special to your catching equipment you can put your name or number on the equipment to personalize it even more!.

How to order custom catcher equipment:

  • Design your equipment on the All-Star website
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Make a printscreen (we need the customization number)
  • Send us the printscreen via
  • We'll send you an offer for your design*

*The prices shown on check-out are incorrect