SKLZ Power Alley 360 Tee

Art. nr. 34820018
€ 32,50

The Power Alley 360 Tee is a heavy-duty tee that adjusts easily and securely to any position over the plate: inside, outside, low and high pitches. The variability of pitch positions promotes proper swing mechanics and body positioning. The tee cup, attached to a bungee inside the tee, adjusts to hold the ball firmly in any position.

Power Alley 360º Tee™ Features

  • Builds confidence for hitting all types of pitches
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Swivel head for "give" and stability
  • Full 360° rotating base simulates a wide range of pitches
  • Vertical adjustment from 22-36 inches for high and low pitches
  • Extended arms on plate ensure tee stability